Effect of pass and shoot efficiency

Analysis of Italian first league ranking


  • Heechul Hwang Korea Institute of Materials Science, Korea, Republic of




Performance analysis of sport, Football, Italian league, Ranking, Efficiency


Season rankings in football leagues are affected by the number of goals scored, shots, effective shots, and passes. Extant studies have examined the factors that affect a team’s win or lose, including fewer passes, number of successful passes, more shots, passes in opposition half, scoring efficiency, and pass efficiency. However, the factors that predict and directly affect success in football are diverse and lack consistency. This study thus investigated the factors affecting league rankings in the Italian professional football league, Serie A, and analysed them considering the efficiency of pass and shoot. The analysis confirmed that pass and shoot efficiency significantly affects victory points. Therefore, efficiency can be used as a factor that affects season rankings.


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Effect of pass and shoot efficiency: Analysis of Italian first league ranking



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