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Accepted Papers in Press Is the aerobic power a delimitating factor for performance on canoe slalom? An analysis of Olympic Slovak canoe slalom medalists and non-Olympics since Beijing 2008 to Rio 2016 Abstract   PDF (816,11 kB)
Viktor Bielik, Leonardo Henrique Dalcheco Messias, Matej Vajda, Peter Lopata, Jakub Chudý, Fúlvia de Barros Manchado-Gobatto
Vol 13, No 2 Isokinetic knee muscular strength is associated with hematologic variables in female modern dancers Abstract   PDF (314,47 kB)
Ani Agopyan, Demet Tekin
Accepted Papers in Press Judo as a tool for social integration in adolescents at risk of social exclusion: A pilot study Abstract   PDF (359,83 kB)
Vicente Carratalá, Adrià Marco-Ahulló, Ignacio Carratalá, Helio Carratalá, Jose-Luis Bermejo
Vol 11, No 4 Kinematic and physiological analysis of the performance of the football referee and its relationship with decision making Abstract   PDF (1,17 MB)
Carlos David Gómez Carmona, José Pino Ortega
Vol 4, No 1 Kinematics analysis of selected rhytmic gymnastic leaps Abstract   PDF (236,42 kB)
Antonio Cicchella
Vol 13, No 3 Kinematics of recreational runners with iliotibial band injury Abstract   PDF (1,12 MB)
Bruno Suárez Luginick, Javier Rueda Ojeda, César Collazo García, Santiago Veiga Fernández, Enrique Navarro Cabello
Vol 4, No 2 Kinetic energy transfer during the tennis serve Abstract   PDF (247,07 kB)
Cristina López de Subijana, E. Navarro
Vol 13, No 4 Knee Kinematics of ACL-deficient patients: A development of a portable motion analysis system Abstract   PDF (509,24 kB)
Pui Wa Fung, Kam Ming Mok, Ruen Shan Leow, Sai Chuen Fu, Patrick Shu Hang Yung, Kai Ming Chan
Vol 9, No 1 Laboratory-based tests for swimmers: Methodology, reliability, considerations and relationship with front-crawl performance Abstract   PDF (268,1 KB)
Athanasios A. Dalamitros, Vassiliki Manou, Jailton G. Pelarigo
Vol 13, No 2 Lactate distribution in red blood cells and plasma after a high intensity running exercise in aerobically trained and untrained subjects Abstract   PDF (257,53 kB)
Fabian Tomschi, Daniel Alexander Bizjak, Hans-Georg Predel, Wilhelm Bloch, Marijke Grau
Accepted Papers in Press Laterality of lower limb and plantar pressure symmetry while walking in young adults Abstract   PDF (293,73 kB)
Soňa Jandová
Vol 10, No 4 Learning styles of elite and sub-elite athletes Abstract   PDF (178,69 KB)
Andrea Jane Braakhuis
Vol 7, No 2 Learning tennis skill through game play and stay in elementary pupilsls Abstract   PDF (430,19 KB)
Eleni Zetou, Vasilis Koronas, Ioannis Athanailidis, Panagiotis Koussis
Vol 8, No 2 Levels of physical activity in Spanish adolescents (aged 12 to 14) measured by accelerometry Abstract   PDF (190,37 KB)
Elena Ramirez Rico, Emilia Fernández García, Julia Blández Ángel
Vol 7, No 1 Lifetime adherence to physical activity recommendations and fall occurrence in community-dwelling older adults: A retrospective cohort study Abstract   PDF (242,43 KB)
Rachel Lindsey Wright, Paul Robinson, Derek Peters
Vol 12, No 3 Lipid profile, cardiorespiratory function and quality of life of postmenopausal women improves with aerobic exercise Abstract   PDF (469,09 kB)
Lady Gwendoline Akwa, Monday Omoniyi Moses, Abigael Omowumi Emikpe, Biggie Baffour-Awuah, Benjamin Asamoah, Otchere Addai-Mensah, Max Annani-Akollor, Francis Osei, Eric Junior Appiah
Vol 6, No 1 Lipocalin-2: Response to a short-term treadmill protocol in obese and normal-weight men Abstract   PDF (193 KB)
Arsalan Damirchi, Farhad Rahmani-Nia, Javad Mehrabani
Vol 6, No 2: Supplement Long distance triathlon: Demands, preparation and performance Abstract   PDF (731,34 KB)
Paul B. Laursen
Vol 14, No 1 Long jump training emphasizing plyometric exercises is more effective than traditional long jump training: A randomized controlled trial Abstract   PDF (345,45 kB)
Said El-Ashker, Amr Hassan, Redha Taiar, Markus Tilp
Vol 9, No 3 Long term effects of doping in sporting records: 1886-2012 Abstract   PDF (1,42 MB)
Aaron Hermann, Maciej Henneberg
Vol 9, No 2 Longitudinal study of physical fitness levels, BMI and childhood obesity in school context Abstract   PDF (204,14 KB)
Julio Martis, Samuel Honório, Aldo M. Costa, Marco Batista, João Cardoso
Vol 14, No 2 Lower-extremity running-related injuries among 10,000-meter long distance runners in Ethiopia Abstract   PDF (330,83 kB)
Dagnachew Maru Begizew, Jeanne Martin Grace, Hendrik Johannes van Heerden
Vol 10, No 1 Management of metabolic resources for a 20-km cycling time-trial using different types of pacing Abstract   PDF ( 235,68 KB)
Dineshen Chuckravanen, Sujan Rajbhandari
Vol 12, No 4 Masculine, feminine and neutral sports: Extracurricular sport modalities in practice Abstract   PDF (345,99 kB)
Myriam Alvariñas-Villaverde, Cristina López-Villar, María A. Fernández-Villarino, Ramón Alvarez-Esteban
Vol 13, No 4 Match analysis of wheelchair padel players of different functional level Abstract   PDF (342,05 kB)
Daniel Navas Sanz, Jesús Ramón-Llín, Santiago Veiga Fernández
Accepted Papers in Press Maxforce: The new option in strength, health levels and life expectancy measurement Abstract   PDF (538,88 kB)
José Antonio Pérez-Turpin, María José Gomis-Gomis, Pablo Pérez-Suárez, Concepción Suárez-Llorca
Vol 6, No 1 Maximal fat oxidation at the different exercise intensity in obese and normal weight men in the morning and evening Abstract   PDF (395,78 KB)
Hamid Mohebbi, Mohammad Azizi
Vol 12, No 2 Maximal heart rate differs between laboratory and field conditions among female athletes Abstract   PDF (266,11 kB)
Carol Coutinho, Andrew Watson, Stacey Brickson, Jennifer Sanfilippo
Vol 8, No 2 Maximal oxygen consumption in national elite triathletes that train in high altitude Abstract   PDF (184,79 KB)
Gilberto Gonzalez-Parra, Rigoberto Mora, Bernhard Hoeger
Accepted Papers in Press Maximal sprints within the warm-up does not affect pacing or performance in a 10 km cycle time trial Abstract   PDF (266,37 kB)
Jort Veen, Mark Corbett, Andrew Renfree
Accepted Papers in Press Maximum ball in play demands for sub-elite Rugby Union referees in domestic club rugby Abstract   PDF (223,32 kB)
Brett Allan Igoe, Declan Browne
Vol 10, No 4 Measurement of changes in the oxygenation of quadriceps muscles during the voluntary and involuntary fatigue test in normal healthy sedentary subjects Abstract   PDF (437,8 KB)
Amir Ur Rehman, Muhammad A. Siddiqui, Haider Darain
Accepted Papers in Press Measuring physical self-concept of schoolchildren aged 10 to 16 on physical education lessons Abstract   PDF (300,04 kB)
Rubén Navarro-Patón, Jose María Pazos-Couto, Jose Eugenio Rodríguez-Fernández, Victor Arufe-Giraldez
Vol 9, No 4 Mechanical spring technology improves running economy in endurance runners Abstract   PDF (389,31 KB)
Kenneth James Riess
Vol 12, No 1 Medium-sided games in soccer: Physical and heart rate demands throughout successive working periods Abstract   PDF (443,73 kB)
Miguel Ángel Campos Vázquez, David Casamichana Gómez, Luis Suárez Arrones, José Antonio González Jurado, Francisco Javier Toscano Bendala, Juan Antonio León Prados
Vol 14, No 1 Mental health and wellbeing of jockeys Abstract   PDF (238,78 kB)
Ciara Losty, Giles Warrington, Adrian McGoldrick, Colm Murphy, Emma Burrows, SarahJane Cullen
Vol 4, No 2 Mental reproduction of a dance choreography and its effects on physiological fatigue in dancers Abstract   PDF (161,53 kB)
Anita Hökelmann, Peter Blaser
Vol 13, No 2 Mental toughness and attributions of failure in high performing male and female swimmers Abstract   PDF (199,11 kB)
Jennifer Meggs, Mark A. Chen
Vol 11, No 3 Mental toughness and coping skills in male sprinters Abstract   PDF ( 275,04 kB)
Tanielle S. Beckford, Melanie Poudevigne, Rachael Irving, Kerith Golden
Vol 12, No 3 Metabolic biomarkers following a short and long bout of high-intensity functional training in recreationally trained men Abstract   PDF (387,33 kB)
Brian Kliszczewicz, Robert Buresh, Emily Bechke, Cassie Williamson
Vol 12, No 4 Metabolic profile of a crossfit training bout Abstract   PDF (402,71 kB)
Kurt Anthony Escobar, Jacobo Morales, Trisha Ann VanDusseldorp
Vol 14, No 3 Methodological validation of a vertical ladder with low intensity shock stimulus for resistance training in C57BL/6 mice: Effects on muscle mass and strength, body composition, and lactate plasma levels Abstract   PDF (999,14 kB)
Vinicius Dias Rodrigues, Daniel de Moraes Pimentel, Andréia de Souza Brito, Magda Mendes Vieira, Amanda Rodrigues Santos, Amanda Souto Machado, Lorrane Katherine Martins Pereira, Fernanda Santos Soares, Emisael Stênio Batista Gomes, Mariana Rocha Alves, Ludmilla Regina de Souza, Ricardo Cardoso Cassilhas, Renato Sobral Monteiro Júnior, Alfredo Maurício Batista De-Paula
Vol 6, No 2 Mild chronic whole body vibration does not affect bone mineral mass or density in young females Abstract   PDF (170,10 KB)
Chiara Milanese, Francesco Piscitelli, Corinna Simoni, carlo zancanaro
Accepted Papers in Press Modification of the cardiometabolic risk and quality of life through an exercise program on Mexican breast cancer survivors Abstract   PDF (273,68 kB)
Andrea Pegueros-Pérez, Rebeca Salas-Romero, Ariadna del Villar-Morales, José G. Franco-Sánchez
Vol 7, No 2: Supplement Moneyball and soccer: An analysis of the key performance indicators of elite male soccer players by position Abstract   PDF (237,67 KB)
Mike Hughes, Tim Caudrelier, Nic James, Ian Donnelly, Anthony Kirkbride, Christophe Duschesne
Vol 7, No 4 Motivational factors related to female participation in collegiate sports Abstract   PDF (305,19 KB)
Laura Abril Pacheco, Francisco Soto Mas, Arturo Olivarez, Magdalena Avila
Vol 14, No 3 Motor and dietary education against obesity for students: Evidence from Italy Abstract   PDF (601,43 kB)
Luisa Varriale, Paola Briganti, Gloria Guillot, Antonio Ascione
Accepted Papers in Press Movement prototypes and their relationship in the performance of a gymnastics floor routine Abstract   PDF (815,31 kB)
Melanie Mack, Sarah Federbusch, Melanie Ferber, Thomas Heinen
Accepted Papers in Press Multilateral methodology in physical education improves coping skills, resilience and physical fitness in drug addicts Abstract   PDF (297,04 kB)
Francesco Fischetti, Stefania Cataldi, Piergiorgio Di Terlizzi, Gianpiero Greco
Vol 7, No 4 Multiple sets resistance training: Effects of condensed versus circuit models on muscular strength, endurance and body composition Abstract   PDF (266,41 KB)
Hamid Arazi, Abbas Asadi
Vol 12, No 1 Muscle contractile properties on different sport surfaces using tensiomyography Abstract   PDF (541,22 kB)
Esther Ubago-Guisado, Sergio Rodríguez-Cañamero, Jorge López-Fernández, Enrique Colino, Javier Sánchez-Sánchez, Leonor Gallardo
Vol 10, No 3 Muscular performance adaptations to short-term plyometric training on sand: Influence of interday rest Abstract   PDF (486,76 KB)
Abbas Asadi
Vol 11, No 3 Network structure and centralization tendencies in professional football teams from Spanish La Liga and English Premier Leagues Abstract   PDF (736,93 kB)
Filipe Manuel Clemente, Fábio José, Nuno Oliveira, Fernando Manuel Lourenço Martins, Rui Sousa Mendes, António José Figueiredo, Del P. Wong, Dimitris Kalamaras
Vol 14, No 1 Neuromuscular and metabolic responses of the pre-exhaustion method in highly-trained individuals Abstract   PDF (246,14 kB)
Gaspar Pinto Silva, Miller Pereira Guimarães, Yuri Almeida Costa Campos, Osvaldo Costa Moreira, Sandro Fernandes da Silva
Vol 13, No 3 Neuromuscular differences of selected and non-selected Iraqi National Soccer players Abstract   PDF (216,26 kB)
Michael C. Rumpf, Gonzalo Rodríguez
Vol 14, No 1 Neuromuscular parameters and anaerobic power of U-20 futsal players Abstract   PDF (267,8 kB)
Witalo Kassiano, Ana Denise Andrade, Karla de Jesus, Antônio Barroso Lima, Mário Antônio Simim, Alexandre Igor Araripe Medeiros, Cláudio de Oliveira Assumpção
Vol 5, No 3 New threats of genetic research in sport Abstract   PDF (144,12 KB)
Pawel Cieszczyk, Agnieszka Maciejewska, Marek Sawczuk
Vol 13, No 1 New trends in biological aids to recovery after exercise: Immunomodulators Abstract   PDF (247,64 kB)
Alfredo Córdova Martínez, Diego Fernández-Lázaro
Vol 6, No 1 No association of skin-fold thicknesses and training with race performance in male ultra-endurance runners in a 24-hour run Abstract   PDF (283,24 KB)
Beat Knechtle, Patrizia Knechtle, Thomas Rosemann
Vol 14, No 2 Nutritional behavior while ski-mountaineering: An analysis from the Swiss Alps Abstract   PDF (229,84 kB)
Benedikt Andreas Gasser
Vol 12, No 2 Obesity and physical activity patterns among Balearic Islands children and adolescents: A cross-sectional study Abstract   PDF (497,93 kB)
Adrià Muntaner-Mas, Josep Vidal-Conti, Jaume Cantallops, Pere Antoni Borràs, Pere Palou
Accepted Papers in Press Offensive and defensive efficacy among male and female elite foil fencers Abstract   PDF (226,8 kB)
Nikolaos Kontochristopoulos, Charilaos Tsolakis
Vol 8, No 4 Offensive and defensive team performance: Relation to successful and unsuccessful participation in the 2010 Soccer World Cup Abstract   PDF (301,51 KB)
Juan Luis Delgado-Bordonau, Carlos Domenech-Monforte, Jose Francisco Guzmán, Alberto Mendez-Villanueva
Vol 7, No 3 Offensive zones in beach volleyball: Differences by gender Abstract   PDF (241,54 KB)
Juan J. Chinchilla-Mira, Jose A. Pérez-Turpin, Jose A. Martínez-Carbonell, Marcelo A. Jove-Tossi
Vol 5, No 1 Olympic Movement and sports research phenomenon: A new Olympic Section Abstract   PDF (137,92 KB)
José Antonio Pérez Turpin, Concepción Suárez-Llorca
Vol 5, No 1 Olympic values: The end does not justify the means Abstract   PDF (175,27 KB)
Eliseo Andreu Cabrera
Vol 8, No 2 Opinions about judo athletes' image Abstract   PDF (266,99 KB)
George Zaggelidis, Fotios Mavrovouniotis, Eirini Argyriadou, Manuela-Mihaela Ciucurel
Vol 4, No 1 Optimization of swimming performance in triathlon Details   PDF (33,63 kB)
Gilberto C. González Parra, M. Díaz Rodríguez
Vol 14, No 2 Overcoming failure in sport: A self-forgiveness framework Abstract   PDF (212,02 kB)
Richard Gregory Cowden, Everett L. Worthington
Vol 8, No 4 Padel: A quantitative study of the shots and movements in the high-performance Abstract   PDF (1,03 MB)
Jose Ignacio Priego Quesada, José Olaso Melis, Salvador Llana Belloch, Pedro Pérez Soriano, Juan Carlos González García, Mercedes Sanchís Almenara
Vol 8, No 3 Parental attitudes towards extracurricular physical and sports activity in school-age children Abstract   PDF (352,43 KB)
Vicens Hernández-González, Joaquin Reverter, Daniel Montero, Carme Jové, Jordi Coiduras
Vol 9, No 2 Participation and performance trends in 161km ultra-marathons in terms of nationality: A retrospective data analysis of worldwide participation from 1998-2011 Abstract   PDF (1,15 MB)
Daniel Gerosa, Christoph Alexander Rüst, Thomas Rosemann, Beat Knechtle
Vol 8, No 4 Participation and performance trends in 6-hour ultra-marathoners: A retrospective data analysis of worldwide participation from 1991-2010 Abstract   PDF (1,02 MB)
Luca Ehrensperger, Beat Knechtle, Christoph Alexander Rüst, Thomas Rosemann
Vol 12, No 2 Pedagogical conditions necessary for effective speed-strength training of young football players (15-17 years old) Abstract   PDF (164,28 kB)
Alexander Bolotin, Vladislav Bakayev
Vol 13, No 1 Pedagogical practice for development of coordination potential of MMA fighters and estimation of its efficiency Abstract   PDF (509,44 kB)
Alexander Bolotin, Vladislav Bakayev
Vol 13, No 3 Perceived usefulness of mirrored video self-modeling in the development of bilateral competence in elite team-sports Abstract   PDF (217,83 kB)
Bela Petro, Bea Ehmann, György Bárdos, Attila Szabo
Vol 13, No 1 Perceived violence, sociomoral attitudes and behaviours in school contexts Abstract   PDF (245,2 kB)
Alberto Gómez Mármol, Bernardino Javier Sánchez-Alcaraz Martínez, Alfonso Valero Valenzuela, Ernesto De la Cruz Sánchez
Vol 13, No 4 Percentile curves and reference values for 2000-m rowing ergometer performance time in international rowers aged 14-70 years Abstract   PDF (1,6 MB)
Telmo Silva-Alonso, María del Carmen Iglesias-Pérez, José Luis García-Soidán
Vol 14, No 1 Perfectionism and stress control in adolescents: Differences and relations according to the intensity of sports practice Abstract   PDF (291,79 kB)
Juan González-Hernández, Manuel Gómez-López, Andrés Alarcón-García, Antonio J. Muñoz-Villena
Vol 8, No 2 Performance Analysis WORKSHOP, April 2nd - 5th, 2013 - Alicante, Spain Abstract   PDF (1,97 MB)
Journal of Human Sport & Exercise, Sport Health, International Network of Sport and Health Science, SportProfNet (Worldwide Community in Sport Science), Varioo Collector
Vol 7, No 1 Performance assessment in elite football players: Field level test versus spiroergometry Abstract   PDF (196,72 KB)
Holger Broich, Billy Sperlich, Sebastian Buitrago, Sebastian Mathes, Joachim Mester
Vol 7, No 2: Supplement Performance differences between winning and losing basketball teams during close, balanced and unbalanced quarters Abstract   PDF (286,71 KB)
Gabor Csataljay, Nic James, Mike Hughes, Henriette Dancs
Vol 13, No 3 Performance indicators in individual rhythmic gymnastics: Correlations in competition Abstract   PDF (239,76 kB)
María A. Fernández-Villarino, Ariadna Hernaiz-Sánchez, Elena Sierra-Palmeiro, Marta Bobo-Arce
Vol 7, No 2: Supplement Performance indicators in Rugby Union Abstract   PDF (858,1 KB)
Mike Hughes, Michael David Hughes, Jason Williams, Nic James, Goran Vuckovic, Duncan Locke
Vol 8, No 4 Performance of Kenyan athletes in mountain versus flat marathon running: An example in Switzerland Abstract   PDF ( 357,37 KB)
Clemens Harm, Beat Knechtle, Christoph Alexander Rüst, Thomas Rosemann, Romuald Lepers, Vincent Onywera
Accepted Papers in Press Personality traits of handball goalkeepers Abstract   PDF (261,67 kB)
Frowin Fasold, Valentin Inzenhofer, Karina Lingner, Benjamin Noël, Stefanie Klatt
Vol 6, No 2 Physical activity acting as a resource for social support among older adults in Brazil Abstract   PDF (327,17 KB)
Tânia R. Bertoldo Benedetti, Andiara Schwingel, Tatiana de Lucena Torres
Accepted Papers in Press Physical activity and affect of the elderly: Contribution to the validation of the Positive and Negative Affect Shedule (PANAS) in the Portuguese population Abstract   PDF (309,24 kB)
Raul Antunes, Nuno Couto, Anabela Vitorino, Diogo Monteiro, Daniel A. Marinho, Luís Cid
Vol 4, No 3 Physical activity for attention to diversity Details   PDF (40,94 kB)
Concepción Suárez Llorca
Vol 14, No 2 Physical activity intervention program through walking routes in sedentary university students Abstract   PDF (1,59 MB)
Maite Abilleira-González, María A. Fernández-Villarino, Cristina Varela-Casal, Víctor Arufe-Giráldez, Roberto Silva-Piñeiro, Salvador G. Gonzalez-Gonzalez
Vol 10, No 2 Physical and physiological attributes of soccer goalkeepers: Should we rely only on means and standard deviations? Abstract   PDF (363,55 KB)
Pantelis Nikolaidis, Gal Ziv, Michal Arnon, Ronnie Lidor
Vol 13, No 2 Physical demands of playing position within English Premier League academy soccer Abstract   PDF (307,09 kB)
Will Abbott, Gary Brickley, Nicholas J. Smeeton
Accepted Papers in Press Physical education classes improve foot function in high-school students using technological tools Abstract   PDF (212,74 kB)
Nicola Lovecchio, Laura Papini, Roberto Codella, Antonio La Torre
Accepted Papers in Press Physical fitness in children and adolescents in rural and urban areas Abstract   PDF (243,49 kB)
Blerim Sylejmani, Nazim Myrtaj, Arben Maliqi, Seryozha Gontarev, Georgi Georgiev, Ruzdija Kalac
Accepted Papers in Press Physical therapy of dissecretory syndrome and autonomic disorders in patients with chronic gastritis Abstract   PDF (1,1 MB)
Yuliya Kalmykova, Karim Sadat, Sergey Kalmykov
Vol 11, No 1 Physical training in the environment: Origin, evolution and reinterpretation modern times Abstract   PDF (147,24 KB)
Ángel Acuña Delgado, Guillermo Acuña Gómez
Vol 14, No 3 Physiological and affective responses of 30s‒30s intermittent small-sided game in elite handball players: A new alternative to intermittent running Abstract   PDF (279,85 kB)
Gilles Ravier, Claire Hassenfratz, Romain Bouzigon, Alain Groslambert
Vol 12, No 2 Physiological and emotional influence on heart rate recovery after submaximal exercise Abstract   PDF (362,53 kB)
Jennifer Bunn, John Manor, Elizabeth Wells, Brooke Catanzarito, Brittany Kincer, L. Chris Eschbach
Vol 4, No 3 Physiological profile of elite triathletes: A comparison between young and professional competitors Abstract   PDF (60,75 KB)
Víctor Díaz, Augusto G. Zapico, Ana B. Peinado, María Álvarez, Pedro J. Benito, Francisco J. Calderón
Vol 6, No 2: Supplement Physiological requirements in triathlon Abstract   PDF (599,61 KB)
Grégoire P. Millet, Veronica E. Vleck, David J. Bentley
Vol 3, No 1 Physiology and methodology of intermittent resistance training for acyclic sports Abstract   PDF (1,52 MB)
Adrián Casas
Vol 11, No 3 Physiotherapy´s protocol to approach the insertional achilles tendinopathy Abstract   PDF (209,69 kB)
Elisa Benito
Vol 5, No 3 Play and childhood in ancient greece Abstract   PDF (197,18 KB)
Eliseo Andreu Cabrera, Mar Cepero, Fco. Javier Rojas, Juan J. Chinchilla-Mira
Vol 5, No 1 Playing-related musculoskeletal disorders in woodwind, brass and percussion players: A review Abstract   PDF (203,54 KB)
M. Àngels Cebriá i Iranzo, Pedro Pérez-Soriano, Celedonia Igual Camacho, Salvador Llana Belloch, Juan M. Cortell-Tormo
Vol 4, No 2 Play-sport culture Abstract   PDF (104,27 kB)
Milan Hosta
Vol 14, No 1 Point-scoring plays related to level of set win and in-game role during volleyball rules testing Abstract   PDF (546,3 kB)
Mladen Stankovic, Guillermo Ruiz-Llamas, Dušan Perić, Miriam E. Quiroga-Escudero
Vol 11, No 4 Police officer physical fitness to work: A case for health and fitness training Abstract   PDF (321,49 kB)
Ciara Losty, Emyr Williams, Peter Gossman
Vol 13, No 1 Post resistance exercise hypotension on distinct types of somatotype characteristics Abstract   PDF (497,6 kB)
Gilmar Weber Senna, Estevão Scudese, Marzo Edir Da Silva-Grigoletto, Antonio Alias, Jordan David Fuqua, Paula Paraguassú Brandão, Estélio Henrique Martin Dantas
Vol 13, No 2 Practice using performance goals enhances basketball free throw accuracy when tested under competition in elite players Abstract   PDF (202,87 kB)
David L. Neumann, Elizabeth Hohnke
Accepted Papers in Press Predicting accelerometer-based physical activity in physical education and total physical activity: The Self-determination Theory approach Abstract   PDF (453,73 kB)
Arto Gråstén, Sami Yli-Piipari, Mikko Huhtiniemi, Kasper Salin, Sanni Seppälä, Jukka Lahti, Harto Hakonen, Timo Jaakkola
Vol 7, No 2: Supplement Predicting performance over time using a case study in real tennis Abstract   PDF (270,01 KB)
Nic James
Vol 13, No 3 Predicting relative load by peak movement velocity and ratings of perceived exertion in power clean Abstract   PDF (245,58 kB)
Fernando Naclerio, Eneko Larumbe-Zabala
Vol 9, No 4 Predicting the performance of batsmen in Test Cricket Abstract   PDF (311,32 KB)
Indika Pradeep Wickramasinghe
Vol 6, No 3 Prediction of marathon performance time on the basis of training indices Abstract   PDF (304,88 KB)
Giovanni Tanda
Vol 7, No 4 Prediction of race pace in long distance running from blood lactate concentration around race pace Abstract   PDF (207,71 KB)
Iker Muñoz Perez, Diego Moreno Perez, Claudia Cardona Gonzalez, Jonathan Esteve-Lanao
Vol 13, No 4 Predictive variables of motivation and barriers for the practice of physical exercise in adolescence Abstract   PDF (241,57 kB)
Antonio López-Castedo, José Domínguez Alonso, Iago Portela-Pino
Vol 7, No 3 Predictor variables of motivation on Spanish master athletes Abstract   PDF (373,97 KB)
Francisco Ruiz-Juan, Antonio Zarauz
Accepted Papers in Press Predictors of long-distance race performance in master runners Abstract   PDF (292,73 kB)
Emma J. Lee, Eric M. Snyder, Christopher J. Lundstrom
Vol 6, No 4 Predictors of quality of life in children Abstract   PDF (191,58 KB)
Pere A. Borras, Josep Vidal, Xavier Ponseti, Jaume Cantallops, Pere Palou
Vol 7, No 2: Supplement Preliminary study of coach verbal behaviour according to game actions Abstract   PDF (184,28 KB)
José Francisco Guzmán, Vicente Calpe-Gómez
Vol 9, No 1 Preliminary validation of the Italian version of the original sport motivation scale Abstract   PDF (307,67 KB)
Filippo Candela, Giulia Zucchetti, Carlo Villosio
Vol 4, No 1 Presynaptic inhibition of spinal alpha-motoneurons in athletes adapted to different muscle activity Abstract   PDF (229,41 kB)
Roman Fomin, Dina Fomina
Vol 5, No 1 Principles of the Olympic Movement Abstract   PDF (185,38 KB)
Conrado Durántez, José Pérez-Turpin, Aurora Martínez Vidal, Covadonga Mateos Padorno, Maria José Martínez Patiño, Antonio González Molina
Vol 8, No 3 Profile of dance aerobic instructors’ injuries, part I Abstract   PDF (154,07 KB)
Paraskevi Malliou, Stella Rokka, Georgios Tsiganos, Savvas Mavromoustakos, Georgios Godolias
Vol 13, No 4 Profiling half-back play in rugby union and the impact of substitutions Abstract   PDF (619,07 kB)
Mike Hughes, Gordon Smyth
Accepted Papers in Press Programming of physical education and health-improving classes for the girls aged 12-13 years Abstract   PDF (247,36 kB)
Yaroslav Galan, Olena Andrieieva, Olena Yarmak, Olha Shestobuz
Vol 11, No 2 Promoting physical activity at the school playground: A quasi-experimental intervention study Abstract   PDF (220,25 kB)
Iván López-Fernández, María Molina-Jodar, Francisco J. Garrido-González, Carlos A. Pascual-Martos, José L. Chinchilla, Elvis A. Carnero
Vol 10, No 2 Psychological skills of elite archery athletes Abstract   PDF (131,26 KB)
Evangelos Bebetsos
Vol 8, No 4 Psychology of sport injury rehabilitation: A review of models and interventions Abstract   PDF (335,06 KB)
Giampaolo Santi, Luca Pietrantoni
Vol 13, No 4 Rally pace and match characteristics of male and female tennis matches at the Australian Open 2017 Abstract   PDF (231,05 kB)
Jan Carboch, Kristyna Placha, Michal Sklenarik
Vol 6, No 2: Supplement Rapid hemodilution induced by desmopressin after erythropoietin administration in humans Abstract   PDF (388,31 KB)
Fabian Sanchis-Gomar, Vladimir Martinez-Bello, Frederic Derbré, Ernesto García-López, Rebeca García-Valles, Thomas Brioche, Beatriz Ferrando, Sandra Ibañez-Sania, Elios Pareja-Galeano, Mari Carmen Gomez-Cabrera, José Viña
Vol 11, No 4 Reading approach to improve strength: An explorative study Abstract   PDF (246,50 kB)
Nicola Lovecchio, Paola Vago, Michele Tornaghi, Claudio Faschilli
Vol 14, No 2 Regression analysis model applied to age-group swimmers: 50m race component times analysis Abstract   PDF (288,93 kB)
Esther Morales Ortiz, Raúl Arellano Colomina
Vol 6, No 2 Relation between general throwing tests with a medicine ball and specific tests to evaluate throwing velocity with and without opposition in handball Abstract   PDF (300,49 KB)
Jesús Rivilla-García, Isidoro Martínez, Ignacio Grande, Javier Sampedro-Molinuevo
Vol 14, No 3 Relation between motivation and enjoyment in physical education classes in children from 10 to 12 years old Abstract   PDF (233,02 kB)
Rubén Navarro-Patón, Joaquín Lago-Ballesteros, Silvia Basanta-Camiño, Victor Arufe-Giraldez
Vol 14, No 1 Relation between the physical demands and success in professional soccer players Abstract   PDF (236,26 kB)
Pedro Gomez-Piqueras, Sixto Gonzalez-Villora, Julen Castellano, Israel Teoldo
Vol 4, No 1 Relationship between anthropometric parameters and throwing velocity in water polo players Abstract   PDF (216,78 kB)
H. Vila, C. Ferragut, F. M. Argudo, J. A. Abraldes, N. Rodríguez, F. Alacid
Vol 7, No 3 Relationship between anthropometric parameters with vertical jump in male elite volleyball players due to game’s position Abstract   PDF (249,09 KB)
Ali Fattahi, Mitra Ameli, Heydar Sadeghi, Behnam Mahmoodi
Vol 13, No 4 Relationship between cardiopulmonary resuscitation training and level of training and gender Abstract   PDF (223,25 kB)
Félix Zurita-Ortega, Jesús Díaz Morón, Antonio Cárdenas Cruz, Juan José Chinchilla Mira, Gabriel González-Valero, José Luis Ubago-Jiménez
Accepted Papers in Press Relationship between shoulder complex strength and throwing velocity in club cricketers Abstract   PDF (245,39 kB)
Rucia Vern-Clare November, Lloyd Llewellyn Leach
Accepted Papers in Press Relationship between subjective effort and kinematics/kinetics in the 50 m sprint Abstract   PDF (657,81 kB)
Gaku Kakehata, Kai Kobayashi, Akifumi Matsuo, Kazuyuki Kanosue, Shigeo Iso
Vol 13, No 1 Relationship between the armed arm’s motor response and muscle activation time during the lunge in fencers of varied ability Abstract   PDF (275,7 kB)
Štefan Balkó, Josef Heidler, Marek Jelínek
Vol 13, No 3 Relationship between time and goal scoring of European soccer teams with different league ranking Abstract   PDF (226,6 kB)
Bekris Evangelos, Aristotelis Gioldasis, Gissis Ioannis, Axeti Georgia
Vol 5, No 2 Relationships between dry land strength, power variables and short sprint performance in young competitive swimmers Abstract   PDF (245,56 KB)
Nuno Garrido, Daniel A. Marinho, Tiago M. Barbosa, Aldo M. Costa, António J. Silva, José A. Pérez-Turpin, Mário C. Marques
Vol 8, No 4 Relative age effect in european professional football: Analysis by position Abstract   PDF (270,87 KB)
Juan José Salinero, Benito Pérez, Pablo Burillo, María L. Lesma
Vol 12, No 3 Relative age effect in handball players of Murcia: Influence of sex and category of game Abstract   PDF (262,44 kB)
Manuel Gómez-López, Salvador Angosto Sánchez, Antonio Granero-Gallegos, Luis J. Chirosa Ríos
Vol 14, No 3 Reliability of aerobic and anaerobic field tests in in measuring athletes’ performances: A statistical approach on a cohort of 100 subjects Abstract   PDF (231,59 kB)
Pompilio Cusano, Antonio Ascione, Giuseppe Natale Mezzapesa
Vol 9, No 1 Resistance exercise load reduction and exercise-induced micro-damage Abstract   PDF (336,35 KB)
Jaqueline S. Silva, Alexander J. Koch, Joseane C. Medeiros, Michele L. Silva, Marco Machado
Vol 6, No 2 Responses of salivary cortisol and α-amylase to official competition Abstract   PDF (240,09 KB)
Mohammad A. Azarbayjani, Hoseyn Dalvand, Hoseyn Fatolahi, Seyed A. Hoseini, Parvin Farzanegi, Stefan R. Stannard
Vol 12, No 3 Resting cardiac autonomic activity and body composition following a 16-week high-intensity functional training intervention in women: A pilot study Abstract   PDF (382,8 kB)
Emily Bechke, Brian Kliszczewicz, Yuri Feito, Hannah Kelemen, Brett Nickerson
Vol 6, No 2: Supplement Risk factors and injury mechanism in Triathlon Abstract   PDF (155,17 KB)
Sergio Migliorini
Vol 13, No 4 Sailing: The crew leadership Abstract   PDF (219,34 kB)
Alfonso Martínez-Moreno, Vicente Morales-Baños, Salvador Angosto Sánchez
Vol 14, No 1 Salivary Immunoglobulin A responses to 6-minute walk test in elderly women Abstract   PDF (421,14 kB)
Iván Rentería, Patricia Concepción García Suarez, Ermilo Cantón Martínez, Peter Grandjean, Alberto Jiménez Maldonado
Vol 11, No 1 Satisfaction and preferences of PE students and the head of the PE department: Meeting the new curricular expectations Abstract   PDF (278,36 KB)
Balázs Fügedi, Susan Capel, Henriette Dancs, József Bognár
Vol 8, No 2 Science & art of body percussion: A review Abstract   PDF (278,36 KB)
Francisco Javier Romero Naranjo
Vol 1, No 1 Sea sports: Taxonomy of the physical activities in the sea and its relation with obligatory education Abstract   PDF (37,05 kB)
José Antonio Pérez Turpin, Concepción Suárez Llorca, Juan José Chinchilla Mira
Vol 9, No 2 Searching for the Power Law in a historical analysis of Test cricket Abstract   PDF (1,97 MB)
Venkatesh Govindarajan
Vol 13, No 4 Seasonal physical performance of a professional team’s football players in a national league and European matches Abstract   PDF (834,53 kB)
Emmanouil Smpokos, Christos Mourikis, Manolis Linardakis
Vol 10, No 3 Selected determinants of seniors' lifestyle Abstract   PDF (177,21 KB)
Pavol Bartík, Elena Bendikova
Vol 12, No 1 Self-Assessment of physical fitness in adolescents Abstract   PDF (651,93 kB)
Lukáš Rubín, Aleš Suchomel, Roman Cuberek, Lada Dušková, Marcela Tláskalová
Vol 11, No 4 Self-concept, sport, and physical activity practice in university students Abstract   PDF (338,24 kB)
Aurelio Olmedilla, Enrique Ortega Toro, Lucia Abenza
Vol 14, No 3 Self-control and aggressiveness as mediating factors between motivational orientations and sportspersonship Abstract   PDF (324,23 kB)
Valeria de Palo, Lucia Monacis, Leonardo Carlucci, Giancarlo Tanucci, Maria Sinatra
Vol 6, No 2: Supplement Self-efficacy and its relationship to selected sport psychological constructs in the prediction of performance in ironman triathlon Abstract   PDF (1,25 MB)
Ian Heazlewood, Stephen Burke
Vol 14, No 2 Self-related quality of life of elderly submitted to a 12-week aquatic training program Abstract   PDF (350,67 kB)
Bruno Teixeira Barbosa, Rosane Letícia Santos da Silva, Antônio Batista Chaves de Meneses, Wanduy Brindeiro-Neto, Tarciara Pereira Bacurau, Anderson Igor Silva de Souza Rocha, Larissa Isabelle Soares de Souza, Maria do Socorro Brasileiro-Santos
Vol 7, No 3 Serve analysis of professional players in beach volleyball Abstract   PDF (455,36 KB)
Jose Manuel Jimenez-Olmedo, Alfonso Penichet-Tomas, Sheila Saiz-Colomina, José A. Martínez-Carbonell, Marcelo A. Jove-Tossi
Vol 14, No 2 Sex differences in hydration status among adolescent elite soccer players Abstract   PDF (413,72 kB)
Maria Pia Francescato, Ilaria Venuto, Alex Buoite Stella, Giuliana Stel, Franco Mallardi, Sabina Cauci
Vol 6, No 1 Shaking weight loss away: Can vibration exercise reduce body fat? Abstract   PDF (249,36 KB)
Darryl Cochrane
Vol 4, No 3 Significant sodium plasma reduction after half-ironman triathlon in Brazilian triathletes Abstract   PDF (108,52 KB)
Marcos Bürger-Mendonça, Monica Bielavsky, Fernanda C. Retondaro-Barbosa
Vol 13, No 2 Single resistance training session leads to muscle damage without isometric strength decrease Abstract   PDF (569,12 kB)
Gustavo Barquilha, Jean Carlos Silvestre, Yuri Lopes Motoyama, Paulo Henrique Silva Marques de Azevedo
Vol 12, No 2 Situational coupling at the ruck and its effects on phase momentum and success in international men’s and women’s rugby sevens Abstract   PDF (400,3 kB)
James Franciscus Barkell, Donna O'Connor, Wayne Grant Cotton
Vol 4, No 3 Skin-fold thickness and race performance in male mountain ultra-marathoners Abstract   PDF (66,13 KB)
Beat Knechtle, Thomas Rosemann
Vol 14, No 3 Soccer in the mass media: Examining the role of metaperceptions of goal orientation on spectators’ moral functioning Abstract   PDF (478,07 kB)
Alejandro Carriedo, José A. Cecchini, Carmen González
Vol 5, No 1 Sociological context in Spanish high level athletics by gender Abstract   PDF (207,92 KB)
Aurora Martínez Vidal, Covadonga Mateos Padorno, Milena Polifrone, María José Martínez Patiño
Vol 5, No 3 Sodium citrate ingestion increases glycolytic activity but does not enhance 2000 m rowing performance Abstract   PDF (675,05 KB)
Alexandre Nunes Martins, Guilherme Giannini Artioli, Emerson Franchini
Vol 14, No 2 Soft tissues and bone health in sedentary women: A cross-sectional study Abstract   PDF (276,83 kB)
Esther Ubago-Guisado, Javier Sánchez-Sánchez, Sara Vila-Maldonado, Leonor Gallardo
Vol 10, No 4 Speed and power predictors of change of direction ability in elite snow athletes Abstract   PDF (210,45 KB)
Felipe A. Schultz, Pedro Cavazzoni, Roberto V. Carnevale, César C.C. Abad, Ronaldo Kobal, Lucas A. Pereira, Irineu Loturco
Vol 9, No 1 Sport and authenticity Abstract   PDF (168,51 KB)
Miloš Bednář
Vol 14, No 1 Sport and physical education as prevention against technological addictions Abstract   PDF (178,26 kB)
Giusi Antonia Toto, Irene Strazzeri
Vol 6, No 4 Sport as a platform for values education Abstract   PDF (266,05 KB)
Ángel Acuña Delgado, Elena Acuña Gómez
Vol 1, No 1 Sports and human values Abstract   PDF (46,71 kB)
Eliseo Andréu Cabrera
Vol 5, No 2 Sports management services: The dimensions of quality Abstract   PDF (249,71 KB)
Vicente Romo, J. L. Chinchilla Minguet, Manuel García Freire
Vol 13, No 4 Sports practice as an effective measure for the prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses in prison Abstract   PDF (134,97 kB)
Paola Arana, Mariabelén Uriarte, Sergio Bravo-Cucci
Vol 6, No 3 Sports science in the Spanish National Research, Development and Innovation Plan: A historical overview Abstract   PDF (1,35 MB)
Amelia Ferro Sánchez, Pablo Floría-Martin
Accepted Papers in Press Sports training in Ancient Greece and its supposed modernity Abstract   PDF (614,53 kB)
Álvaro Morente Montero
Vol 7, No 2 Sport-specific balance ability in Taekwondo practitioners Abstract   PDF (225,01 KB)
Shirley S.M. Fong, Candy K.Y. Cheung, Janice Y. Ip, Joe H.N. Chiu, Karen L.H. Lam, William W.N. Tsang
Vol 6, No 2 Standing long jump and handheld halters: Is jumping performance improved? Abstract   PDF (280,51 KB)
Christos Papadopoulos, George Noussios, Evaggelos Manolopoulos, Olga Kiritsi, George Ntones, Evangelia Gantiraga, Ioannis Gissis
Vol 14, No 3 Start performance and its relation to competition times in Paralympic swimmers Abstract   PDF (331,24 kB)
Christoph Clephas, Pro Stergiou, Larry Katz
Vol 6, No 4 Static and dynamic balance in young athletes Abstract   PDF (410,31 KB)
Leonardo Ricotti
Vol 9, No 1 Stationary roller versus velodrome for maximal cycling test: A comparison Abstract   PDF (345,43 KB)
João Brito, Luis Lopes, Ana Conceição, Aldo M. Costa, Hugo Louro
Vol 7, No 2: Supplement Statistical study on bodily communication skills in volleyball to improve teaching methods Abstract   PDF (583,44 KB)
Gaetano Raiola, Pio Alfredo Di Tore
Vol 4, No 2 Strength diagnosis in elite Spanish clubs teams Details   PDF (33,47 kB)
Alejandro Legaz-Arrese, Joaquín Reverter-Masía, Diego Munguía-Izquierdo
Vol 5, No 2 Strength in power events: Theory and practice Abstract   PDF (243,33 KB)
Mario A. Cardoso Marques
Vol 12, No 4 Strength in young rhythmic gymnasts Abstract   PDF (415,75 kB)
Amanda Batista-Santos, Rui Garganta, Lurdes Ávila-Carvalho
Vol 2, No 2 Strength training against resistance: How to determine the training zones Abstract   PDF (136,32 kB)
Fernando Naclerio Ayllón, Alfonso Jiménez Gutiérrez
Vol 2, No 1 Strength training in children and youth applied to sports performance Abstract   PDF (51,51 kB)
Francisco Javier Pastor Navarro
Vol 12, No 3 Strength training in seniors: The knowledge of positive aspects of eccentric training in elderly is sparse Abstract   PDF (464,37 kB)
Benedikt Andreas Gasser, Manuel Zosso
Vol 7, No 2 Structure of efficiency factor at XIII, XIV, XV, and XVI World Championship in basketball Abstract   PDF (605,17 KB)
Slobodan Simović, Bojan Matković, Mihajlo Mijanović, Miodrag Kocić, Milenko Vojvodić
Vol 7, No 1 Structure validity of the Three-Factor Eating Questionnaire-R18 in Greek population Abstract   PDF (197,71 KB)
Eleni Kavazidou, Miltiadis Proios, Ioannis Liolios, George Doganis, Katerina Petrou, Agathoklis Tsatsoulis, Anna Fachantidou-Tsiligiroglou
Vol 14, No 2 Students motivation for engaging in physical activity: Theory for self-determination Abstract   PDF (251,94 kB)
Lence Aleksovska-Velickovska, Seryozha Gontarev, Kalac Ruzdija
Vol 10, No 1 Students' perceived behaviors at school: A relation between behaviors in physical education lessons and the classroom Abstract   PDF (209,89 KB)
Miltiadis Proios, Michalis C. Proios, Theofanis Siatras, Stelios Patmanoglou
Vol 13, No 2 Study on the essential amino acid’s supplements with absorption patterns in the improvement of the performance for sportspeople: GFS AMINO Abstract   PDF (197,03 kB)
José Antonio Pérez-Turpin, María José Gomis-Gomis, Carlos Elvira-Aranda, Pablo Pérez-Suárez
Vol 11, No 2 Study with surface electromyography, borg scale and rom upper trapezius, deltoid of the three portions (clavicular, acromial, spinal) and the latissimus dorsi muscle, before and after using a muscle activation technique (mat) Abstract   PDF (201,93 kB)
Esther Blasco, Vicente Lizondo, Luis Berbel, Julio Martín
Vol 13, No 3 Substrate oxidation in female adults during endurance exercise throughout menstrual cycle phases: IronFEMME pilot study Abstract   PDF (400,01 kB)
Carmen P. Ortega-Santos, Laura Barba-Moreno, Rocío Cupeiro, Ana B. Peinado
Vol 12, No 3 Success criteria of the pedagogical pattern of physical training on self-guide basis with individual assignments among futsal referees Abstract   PDF (539,39 kB)
Alexander Bolotin, Vladislav Bakayev
Vol 5, No 3 Successful school management in contexts with challenges (some lessons from practice) Abstract   PDF (194,59 KB)
Vicente Carrasco-Embuena, Concepción Suárez-Llorca
Accepted Papers in Press Sweat responses during inactive recovery after high-intensity running in hot, dry and humid conditions Abstract   PDF (524,18 kB)
Erik Høye, Mariann Sandsund, Randi Eidsmo Reinertsen
Vol 8, No 2 Tactical awareness, decision making and skill in youth soccer players (under-14 years) Abstract   PDF (213,04 KB)
Sixto González-Víllora, Luis Miguel García-López, David Gutiérrez-Díaz, Juan Carlos Pastor-Vicedo
Vol 6, No 2: Supplement Talent selection criteria for olympic distance triathlon Abstract   PDF (1,69 MB)
Alessandro Bottoni, Antonio Gianfelici, Roberto Tamburri, Marcello Faina
Vol 6, No 2: Supplement Tapering for triathlon competition Abstract   PDF (208,77 KB)
Iñigo Mujika
Vol 7, No 2 Taping in sports: A brief update Abstract   PDF (250,2 KB)
Amit Bandyopadhyay, Dakshayani Mahapatra
Vol 5, No 3 Teaching and learning social values: experience of resolution of conflicts in the classroom of physical education across the learning of social skills Abstract   PDF (247,72 KB)
Mar Cepero, Mª Nieves Marín Regalado, Juan Torres Guerrero
Vol 8, No 4 Teaching of new sport skill to weightlifters: Problem in performance and motor learning Abstract   PDF (401,93 KB)
Hassan Kordi, Jafar Mohamadi, Mohsen Ghotbi
Vol 6, No 2: Supplement Technical skill differences in stroke propulsion between high level athletes in triathlon and top level swimmers Abstract   PDF (714,62 KB)
Alessandro Bottoni, Nunzio Lanotte, Paolo Boatto, Stefano Bifaretti, Marco Bonifazi
Accepted Papers in Press Technical, tactical and spatial indicators related to goal scoring in European elite soccer Abstract   PDF (2,78 MB)
Joaquin González-Ródenas, Ignacio López-Bondia, Rodrigo Aranda-Malavés, Andrés Tudela Desantes, Enrique Sanz-Ramírez, Rafael Aranda Malaves
Vol 7, No 4 Temporal analysis of elite men’s discus throwing technique Abstract   PDF (516,33 KB)
Vassilios Panoutsakopoulos, Iraklis A. Kollias
Accepted Papers in Press Temporal increase in muscle cross-sectional area as an acute effect of resistance exercise in resistance-trained and untrained individuals Abstract   PDF (422,8 kB)
Masahiro Goto, Hitoshi Kumada, Chikako Maeda, Yoshihiro Yamashina, Yosuke Yamato, Hiroto Honda, Hiroki Aoyama, Takafumi Hamaoka
Vol 9, No 2 Testing immediate and retention effects of acoustic feedback on the boat motion in high-performance rowing Abstract   PDF (1,39 MB)
Nina Schaffert, Klaus Mattes
Vol 8, No 2 Testing protocol for monitoring upper-body strength using medicine balls Abstract   PDF (590,96 KB)
José Manuel Palao, David Valadés
Vol 11, No 3 Test-retest reliability of a cryoscopic osmometer to measure plasma osmolality using 15-μL samples in a field setting Abstract
Nattai Ricardo Borges, Thomas Michael Doering, Peter Reaburn, Aaron Terrance Scanlan
Vol 13, No 1 Test-retest reliability of a modified International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) to capture neighbourhood physical activity Abstract   PDF (329,13 kB)
Levi Frehlich, Christine Friedenreich, Alberto Nettel-Aguirre, Gavin R. McCormack
Vol 6, No 2 Test-Retest reliability of Biodex Balance SD on physically active old people Abstract   PDF (253,05 KB)
Jose A. Parraca, Pedro R. Olivares, Ana Carbonell-Baeza, Virginia A. Aparicio, Jose C. Adsuar, Narcis Gusi
Vol 1, No 1 The abdominal muscles function and training: A scientific approach Abstract   PDF (172,14 kB)
Fernando Naclerio Ayllón, Daniel Forte Fernández
Accepted Papers in Press The analysis of the results of the Olympic free-style wrestling champions Abstract   PDF (315,62 kB)
Mykola Latyshev, Sergii Latyshev, Georgiy Korobeynikov, Oleh Kvasnytsya, Victor Shandrygos, Yuriy Dutchak
Vol 7, No 4 The aspect of nationality and performance in a mountain ultra-marathon: The ‘Swiss Alpine Marathon’ Abstract   PDF (1,33 MB)
Beat Knechtle, Evelyn Eichenberger, Christoph Alexander Rüst, Romuald Lepers, Thomas Rosemann, Vincent Ochieng Onywera
Vol 13, No 2 The attentional focus impact on tennis skills’ technique in 10 and under years old players: Implications for real game situations Abstract   PDF (239,46 kB)
Marina Tsetseli, Eleni Zetou, Nikos Vernadakis, Fereniki Mountaki
Vol 12, No 1 The ball recovery as an action related performance indicator in Football: An example using distinct operational definitions Abstract   PDF (242,25 kB)
Pedro Santos, Pedro Miguel Silva, Carlos Lago-Peñas
Vol 4, No 2 The bayesians nets in the study of free time: Determination of social-demographic profile of the Cuban population Abstract   PDF (98,73 kB)
Francisco Ruiz, María E. García, Manuel Gómez
Vol 6, No 4 The comparison of competitive balance in Football Premier Leagues of England, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Iran: A case study from 2009-2010 Season Abstract   PDF (224,91 KB)
Salah Naghshbandi, Bahram Yousefi, Mehdi Moradi, Zaher Etemad
Vol 14, No 3 The comparison of loneliness in athlete and non-athlete women Abstract   PDF (221,93 kB)
Ghorban Hemati-Alamdarloo, Setareh Shojaee, Enayatollah Asadmanesh, Marziyeh Gholami, Hamed Rahmani
Vol 11, No 1 The cream of the crop: Analysing FIFA World Cup 2014 and Germany’s title run Abstract   PDF (184,44 KB)
Matthias Kempe, Martin Vogelbein, Stephan Nopp
Vol 8, No 3 The determination of the relationship between levels of narcissim and motivational trends in the individual sports branches Abstract   PDF (196,24 KB)
Ünsal Tazegül
Vol 13, No 3 The development of a reliable theory-based psychological instrument to measure cognitions relating to participation in university recreational sports Abstract   PDF (225,62 kB)
Tom St Quinton, Julie A. Brunton
Vol 12, No 1 The differences in acceleration, maximal speed and agility between soccer, basketball, volleyball and handball players Abstract   PDF (689,86 kB)
Jaromír Šimonek, Pavol Horička, Ján Hianik
Vol 12, No 4 The effect of a wearable physical activity monitor (Fitbit One) on physical activity behaviour in women: A pilot study Abstract   PDF (226,77 kB)
Greg Farnell, Jacob Barkley
Vol 12, No 4 The effect of a “PBL” physical activity program based methodology on the development of values in Spanish Primary Education Abstract   PDF (438,14 kB)
Vicente Ramírez, Rosario Padial, Beatriz Torres, Juan José Chinchilla, Concepción Suárez, José Luis Chinchilla, Sergio González, Mar Cepero González
Vol 9, No 1 The effect of an intercultural Physical Education Program in comparison to the typical one on students’ social skills learning Abstract   PDF (195,38 KB)
Vassiliki Derri, Iraklis Kellis, Nikolas Vernadakis, Evaggelos Albanidis, Efthimis Kioumourtzoglou
Vol 6, No 1 The effect of aquatic and land plyometric training on strength, sprint, and balance in young basketball players Abstract   PDF (312,9 KB)
Hamid Arazi, Abbas Asadi
Vol 12, No 2 The effect of attentional focus in balancing tasks: A systematic review with meta-analysis Abstract   PDF (405,21 kB)
Taewon Kim, Judith Jimenez-Diaz, Jing Chen
Vol 6, No 1 The effect of diclofenac sodium and paracetamol on active and passive range of ankle motion after sprains Abstract   PDF (570,59 KB)
Christos Lyrtzis, Christos Papadopoulos, Konstantinos Natsis, Georgios Noussios
Vol 14, No 2 The effect of exercise on improving quality of life and self-esteem of inmates in Greek prisons Abstract   PDF (385,42 kB)
Dimitra Psychou, Dimitrios Kokaridas, Nikolaos Koulouris, Yannis Theodorakis, Charalampos Krommidas
Vol 8, No 3 The effect of flexible flat-footedness on selected physical fitness factors in female students aged 14 to 17 years Abstract   PDF (318,24 KB)
Babak Nakhostin-Roohi, Soheila Hedayati, Azar Aghayari
Vol 10, No 4 The effect of gender in risk factors and characteristics of injuries in athletes of handball national teams Abstract   PDF (383,34 KB)
Dimitris Hatzimanouil, George Giatsis, Aggelos Kanioglou, Ioannis Kolkas
Vol 10, No 3 The effect of increasing loading on powerlifting movement form during the squat and deadlift Abstract   PDF (261,44 KB)
Kirsten Spencer, Mathew Croiss
Vol 6, No 2: Supplement The effect of Kinesio taping on calf’s injuries prevention in triathletes during competition: Pilot experience Abstract   PDF (189,97 KB)
Rafael Merino, Emilio Fernández, Pablo Iglesias, Daniel Mayorga
Vol 7, No 4 The effect of self-talk in learning the volleyball service skill and self-efficacy improvement Abstract   PDF (245,39 KB)
Eleni Zetou, Nikolas Vernadakis, Evangelos Bebetsos, Eleftheria Makraki
Vol 9, No 1 The effect of self-talk on Tae-kwon-do skills’ learning of novice athletes and perceived use of it Abstract   PDF (224,1 KB)
Eleni Zetou, Nikolaos Vernadakis, Evangelos Bebetsos, Nikolaos Liadakis
Accepted Papers in Press The effect of slackline training on balance performance in healthy male children Abstract   PDF (205,3 kB)
Carlo Ferri-Marini, Francesco Lucertini, Manuela Valentini, Ario Federici
Vol 13, No 4 The effect of spatial working memory capacity on ball flight perception Abstract   PDF (408,98 kB)
Nicholas J. Kelling, Gregory M. Corso
Vol 11, No 2 The effect of task and ego orientation to athletic identity and anti social behavior of students and athletes Abstract   PDF ( 234,9 kB)
Haralabos Kazilas, Ioannis Athanailidis, Evaggelos Bebetsos, Athanasios Laios
Vol 4, No 3 The effectiveness of chosen training means in the development of endurance in youth swimmers Abstract   PDF (179,33 KB)
Jaroslaw Cholewa, Milosz Czuba, Adam Zajac, Kazimierz Mikolajec
Vol 9, No 3 The effects of a four week primary and secondary speed training protocol on 40 yard sprint times in female college soccer players Abstract   PDF (229,98 KB)
Jason Daniel Wagganer, Ronald D. Williams, Jr, Jeremy Thomas Barnes
Vol 14, No 2 The effects of daily physical activity on functional fitness, isokinetic strength and body composition in elderly community-dwelling women Abstract   PDF (294,18 kB)
António M. Monteiro, Pedro Silva, Pedro Forte, Joana Carvalho
Vol 10, No 2 The effects of exercise and two pre-exercise fluid amounts on cognition Abstract   PDF (731,94 KB)
Todd Patrick Backes
Vol 7, No 3 The effects of external and internal focus of attention on physiological responses during running Abstract   PDF (271,65 KB)
Gal Ziv, Yoav Meckel, Ronnie Lidor, Arie Rotstein
Vol 7, No 4 The effects of glutamine supplementation on performance and hormonal responses in non-athlete male students during eight week resistance training Abstract   PDF (219 KB)
Mehdi Hakimi, Maryam Ali Mohamadi, Zoleikha Ghaderi
Vol 12, No 1 The effects of match-playing aspects and situational variables on achieving score-box possessions in euro 2012 football championship Abstract   PDF (374,7 kB)
Francesco Sgrò, Fabio Aiello, Alessandro Casella, Mario Lipoma
Vol 5, No 1 The effects of physical exercise in chronic end-stage kidney failure patients on haemodialysis Abstract   PDF (187,72 KB)
Mª Luisa Zagalaz Sánchez, Pilar Peña Amaro, Aurora Martínez Vidal, Covadonga Mateos Padorno, María José Martínez Patiño
Vol 6, No 3 The effects of Tai-Chi-Soft-Ball training on physical functional health of Chinese older adult Abstract   PDF (242,58 KB)
Huen Sum Lam, Siu Yin Cheung, Bik Chu Chow
Vol 5, No 2 The effects of the use of blogs on the learning process of sea sports in the framework of higher education Abstract   PDF (180,86 KB)
Concepción Suárez Llorca, Vicente Carrasco-Embuena, Aurora Fourcade-López, Juan J. Chinchilla-Mira, Eliseo Andreu-Cabrera
Vol 12, No 3 The efficacy of core stability assessment as a determiner of performance in dynamic balance and agility tests Abstract   PDF (210,17 kB)
Kieran Neil McCartney, Jacky Forsyth
Vol 10, No 2 The efficacy of the attack and block in game phases on male FIVB and CEV beach volleyball Abstract   PDF (603,2 kB)
George Giatsis, Ana Belen Lopez Martinez, Gemma Maria Gea García
Vol 2, No 1 The evaluation in the education of basic motor abilities in water: The balance. Introductory considerations (I) Abstract   PDF (270,69 kB)
Juan Carlos Colado Sánchez, Juan Manuel Cortell Tormo
Vol 10, No 2 The evolution of motor creativity during primary education Abstract   PDF (246,8 KB)
Aida Domínguez, M. Pino Díaz-Pereira, Aurora Martínez-Vidal
Vol 14, No 3 The Hatfield-System versus the Weekly Undulating Periodised Resistance Training in trained males: Effects of a third mesocyle Abstract   PDF (214,41 kB)
Markus Antretter, Sebastian Färber, Lorenz Immler, Matthias Perktold, Doris Posch, Christian Raschner, Felix Wachholz, Martin Burtscher
Vol 6, No 3 The height of the men’s winners FIVB Beach Volleyball in relation to specialization and court dimensions Abstract   PDF (212,46 KB)
Maria Tili, George Giatsis
Vol 6, No 3 The height of the women’s winners FIVB Beach Volleyball in relation to specialization and court dimensions Abstract   PDF (212,46 KB)
George Giatsis, Maria Tili, Eleni Zetou
Vol 12, No 4 The impact of an educational course for swimming on free style swimming performance and life skills for deaf students Abstract   PDF (267,27 kB)
Mohammad Hassan Abu Altaieb, Khitam Mousa Ay, Mohammad Fayez Al Dababseh, Mo'ath Fakhri Bataineh, Ali M. Al-Nawaiseh, Akef Taifour
Vol 7, No 2: Supplement The impact of different standards of opponents on observed player performance in the English Premier League Abstract   PDF (373,49 KB)
Athalie Redwood-Brown, Christopher Bussell, Harmeet Singh Bharaj
Vol 5, No 3 The impact of physical activities on the development of the females’ character Abstract   PDF (198,59 KB)
Miltiadis Proios, Ioannis Athanailidis, Evgenia Giannitsopoulou
Vol 5, No 3 The importance of anthropometric measurement error Abstract   PDF (162,32 KB)
Ash Routen
Vol 12, No 2 The importance of heart rate monitors in controlling intensity during training and competition in junior biathlon athletes Abstract   PDF (386,84 kB)
Kjetil Laurits Høydal, Ivar Nord
Vol 12, No 1 The influence of body position on the straddled Tkatchev’s flight phase in men’s horizontal bar Abstract   PDF (1,25 MB)
Kirsten Spencer, Marc Schuhmann
Vol 12, No 2 The influence of defender’s positional gap on the aces in the sport of volleyball Abstract   PDF (324,23 kB)
Renata Alvares Denardi, Fabian Romero, Thiago Augusto Costa Oliveira, Silvia Leticia Silva, Bruno Travassos, Umberto Cesar Corrêa
Vol 7, No 2 The influence of fat mass percentage, EK functional motor scale and age in children with duchenne muscular dystrophy Abstract   PDF (80,30 KB)
Samuel Honório, Marco Batista, Júlio Martins
Vol 13, No 2 The influence of means of orienteering on the psychophysiological state of girls aged 15-16-years Abstract   PDF (232,01 kB)
Yurii Paliichuk, Lidiia Dotsyuk, Oksana Kyseltsia, Yuriy Moseychuk, Oleh Martyniv, Olena Yarmak, Yaroslav Galan
Vol 14, No 1 The knowledge, continuing education and use of teaching styles in Physical Education teachers Abstract   PDF (589,39 kB)
María Fernández-Rivas, María Espada-Mateos
Vol 12, No 3 The managerial capacity of physical education teachers - principals: The case of Greece Abstract   PDF (246,46 kB)
Athanasios Αlatzoglou, Ioannis Athanailidis, Athanasios Laios, Vassiliki Derri
Vol 14, No 1 The middle blocker in volleyball: A systematic review Abstract   PDF (419,74 kB)
Antonio Millán-Sánchez, Juan Carlos Morante Rábago, Aurelio Ureña Espa
Vol 2, No 1 The motor disabled children: A study about infant drawings as an evaluation method within the physical education area Abstract   PDF (55,81 kB)
José Antonio Pérez Turpin, Concepción Suárez Llorca
Vol 6, No 1 The necessity of considering the challenges facing Olympic Movement Abstract   PDF (260,33 KB)
Sardar Mohammadi, Ahmadi Dehrashid Keyvan
Vol 12, No 3 The perception of effort is not a valid tool for establishing the strength-training zone Abstract   PDF (1,41 MB)
Estela Altoé Lemos, Leonardo Carvalho Caldas, Ana Paula Lima Leopoldo, André Soares Leopoldo, Lucas Guimarães Ferreira, Wellington Lunz
Vol 12, No 3 The podalic proprioception channel to increase motor skills in blind children: Operational applications Abstract   PDF (254,05 kB)
Rosa Sgambelluri, Massimo Pistoni
Vol 14, No 1 The power law model applied to the marathon world record Abstract   PDF (298,33 kB)
Andrés Bernardo Fernández-Revelles, Eduardo García Mármol
Vol 11, No 2 The practice of physical activity related to self-esteem and academical performance in students of basic education Abstract   PDF ( 443,68 kB)
Marco Batista, Delgado Sixto Cubo, Samuel Honório, Júlio Martins
Vol 14, No 1 The purpose and the motivation for future practice of physical activity and related factors in Japanese university students Abstract   PDF (297,15 kB)
Chiemi Miyawaki, Kumiko Ohara, Tomoki Mase, Katsuyasu Kouda, Tomoko Fujitani, Katsumasa Momoi, Hiratoshi Kaneda, Rumiko Murayama, Yoshimitsu Okita, Harunobu Nakamura
Vol 4, No 1 The Rarámuri Race as a metaphor of cultural resistance Abstract   PDF (87,49 kB)
Ángel Acuña Delgado, Guillermo Acuña Gómez
Vol 4, No 3 The relation between angular displacement of the hammer in the double support phase and its velocity in the hammer Abstract   PDF (164,71 KB)
Francisco Javier Rojas-Ruiz, Marcos Gutiérrez-Dávila
Vol 12, No 3 The relationship between action inhibition and athletic performance in elite badminton players and non-athletes Abstract   PDF (466,03 kB)
Kun-Fu Liao, Fan-Wu Meng, Yi-Liang Chen
Vol 12, No 3 The relationship between emotional intelligence, self-determined motivation and performance in canoeists Abstract   PDF (280,38 kB)
Silvia Arribas-Galarraga, Ekaitz Saies, José Antonio Cecchini, Josean Arruza, Izaskun Luis-De Cos
Accepted Papers in Press The relationship between isokinetic knee flexion and extension muscle strength, jump performance, dynamic balance and injury risk in female volleyball players Abstract   PDF (266,62 kB)
Çağlar Soylu, Emre Altundağ, Cengiz Akarçeşme, Necmiye Ün Yıldırım
Vol 7, No 3 The relationship between out-of-school sport participation and positive youth development. Abstract   PDF (357,28 KB)
Federico Carreres-Ponsoda, Amparo Escartí, Juan M. Cortell-Tormo, Vicent Fuster-Lloret, Eliseo Andreu-Cabrera
Vol 4, No 3 The relationship between pain and physical activity in older adults that begin a program of physical activity Abstract   PDF (229,63 KB)
Félix Zurita-Ortega, Rubén Fernández-García, Mar Cepero, María Luisa Zagalaz-Sánchez, Matías Valverde-Cepeda, Patricia Ramírez-Domínguez
Vol 12, No 2 The relationship between psychological compatibility and academic achievement in swimming Abstract   PDF (282,42 kB)
Mohammad Fayez Al Dababseh, Khitam Mousa Ay, Mohammad Hassan Abu Altaieb, Walid Yousef Hammouri, Fayez S. Abu Areeda
Vol 9, No 1 The relationship between speed factors and agility in sport games Abstract   PDF (1,67 MB)
Pavol Horička, Ján Hianik, Jaromír Šimonek
Vol 11, No 4 The relationship between stadium factors on spectators’ satisfaction in Greek Soccer Super League Abstract   PDF (190,34 kB)
Panagiotis Ioannis Ioannou, Panteleimon Ioannis Bakirtzoglou
Vol 3, No 2 The relationship of couples in competitive dancing Abstract   PDF (236,54 kB)
Kinga Majoross, Pál Hamar, Imre Dózsa, Henriette Dancs
Vol 13, No 3 The relative importance of selected physical fitness parameters in Olympic clay target shooting Abstract   PDF (295,61 kB)
Zvonko Peljha, Marcos Michaelides, Dave Collins
Vol 4, No 3 The relative importance of strength and power qualities to vertical jump height of elite beach volleyball players during the counter-movement and squat jump Abstract   PDF (265,22 KB)
Michael Peter Riggs, Jeremy M. Sheppard
Vol 10, No 3 The role of a check-mark in step length adjustment in long jump Abstract   PDF (181,95 KB)
Hubert Makaruk, Marcin Starzak, José Luis López
Vol 14, No 2 The role of mindfulness in performance and mental health among Japanese athletes: An examination of the relationship between alexithymic tendencies, burnout, and performance Abstract   PDF (396,03 kB)
Rei Amemiya, Yosuke Sakairi
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