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Vol 14, No 2 The effects of daily physical activity on functional fitness, isokinetic strength and body composition in elderly community-dwelling women Abstract   PDF (294,18 kB)
António M. Monteiro, Pedro Silva, Pedro Forte, Joana Carvalho
Vol 10, No 2 The effects of exercise and two pre-exercise fluid amounts on cognition Abstract   PDF (731,94 KB)
Todd Patrick Backes
Vol 7, No 3 The effects of external and internal focus of attention on physiological responses during running Abstract   PDF (271,65 KB)
Gal Ziv, Yoav Meckel, Ronnie Lidor, Arie Rotstein
Vol 7, No 4 The effects of glutamine supplementation on performance and hormonal responses in non-athlete male students during eight week resistance training Abstract   PDF (219 KB)
Mehdi Hakimi, Maryam Ali Mohamadi, Zoleikha Ghaderi
Vol 12, No 1 The effects of match-playing aspects and situational variables on achieving score-box possessions in euro 2012 football championship Abstract   PDF (374,7 kB)
Francesco Sgrò, Fabio Aiello, Alessandro Casella, Mario Lipoma
Vol 5, No 1 The effects of physical exercise in chronic end-stage kidney failure patients on haemodialysis Abstract   PDF (187,72 KB)
Mª Luisa Zagalaz Sánchez, Pilar Peña Amaro, Aurora Martínez Vidal, Covadonga Mateos Padorno, María José Martínez Patiño
Vol 6, No 3 The effects of Tai-Chi-Soft-Ball training on physical functional health of Chinese older adult Abstract   PDF (242,58 KB)
Huen Sum Lam, Siu Yin Cheung, Bik Chu Chow
Vol 5, No 2 The effects of the use of blogs on the learning process of sea sports in the framework of higher education Abstract   PDF (180,86 KB)
Concepción Suárez Llorca, Vicente Carrasco-Embuena, Aurora Fourcade-López, Juan J. Chinchilla-Mira, Eliseo Andreu-Cabrera
Vol 12, No 3 The efficacy of core stability assessment as a determiner of performance in dynamic balance and agility tests Abstract   PDF (210,17 kB)
Kieran Neil McCartney, Jacky Forsyth
Vol 10, No 2 The efficacy of the attack and block in game phases on male FIVB and CEV beach volleyball Abstract   PDF (603,2 kB)
George Giatsis, Ana Belen Lopez Martinez, Gemma Maria Gea García
Vol 2, No 1 The evaluation in the education of basic motor abilities in water: The balance. Introductory considerations (I) Abstract   PDF (270,69 kB)
Juan Carlos Colado Sánchez, Juan Manuel Cortell Tormo
Vol 10, No 2 The evolution of motor creativity during primary education Abstract   PDF (246,8 KB)
Aida Domínguez, M. Pino Díaz-Pereira, Aurora Martínez-Vidal
Vol 14, No 3 The Hatfield-System versus the Weekly Undulating Periodised Resistance Training in trained males: Effects of a third mesocyle Abstract   PDF (214,41 kB)
Markus Antretter, Sebastian Färber, Lorenz Immler, Matthias Perktold, Doris Posch, Christian Raschner, Felix Wachholz, Martin Burtscher
Vol 6, No 3 The height of the men’s winners FIVB Beach Volleyball in relation to specialization and court dimensions Abstract   PDF (212,46 KB)
Maria Tili, George Giatsis
Vol 6, No 3 The height of the women’s winners FIVB Beach Volleyball in relation to specialization and court dimensions Abstract   PDF (212,46 KB)
George Giatsis, Maria Tili, Eleni Zetou
Vol 12, No 4 The impact of an educational course for swimming on free style swimming performance and life skills for deaf students Abstract   PDF (267,27 kB)
Mohammad Hassan Abu Altaieb, Khitam Mousa Ay, Mohammad Fayez Al Dababseh, Mo'ath Fakhri Bataineh, Ali M. Al-Nawaiseh, Akef Taifour
Vol 7, No 2: Supplement The impact of different standards of opponents on observed player performance in the English Premier League Abstract   PDF (373,49 KB)
Athalie Redwood-Brown, Christopher Bussell, Harmeet Singh Bharaj
Vol 5, No 3 The impact of physical activities on the development of the females’ character Abstract   PDF (198,59 KB)
Miltiadis Proios, Ioannis Athanailidis, Evgenia Giannitsopoulou
Vol 5, No 3 The importance of anthropometric measurement error Abstract   PDF (162,32 KB)
Ash Routen
Vol 12, No 2 The importance of heart rate monitors in controlling intensity during training and competition in junior biathlon athletes Abstract   PDF (386,84 kB)
Kjetil Laurits Høydal, Ivar Nord
Vol 12, No 1 The influence of body position on the straddled Tkatchev’s flight phase in men’s horizontal bar Abstract   PDF (1,25 MB)
Kirsten Spencer, Marc Schuhmann
Vol 12, No 2 The influence of defender’s positional gap on the aces in the sport of volleyball Abstract   PDF (324,23 kB)
Renata Alvares Denardi, Fabian Romero, Thiago Augusto Costa Oliveira, Silvia Leticia Silva, Bruno Travassos, Umberto Cesar Corrêa
Vol 7, No 2 The influence of fat mass percentage, EK functional motor scale and age in children with duchenne muscular dystrophy Abstract   PDF (80,30 KB)
Samuel Honório, Marco Batista, Júlio Martins
Vol 13, No 2 The influence of means of orienteering on the psychophysiological state of girls aged 15-16-years Abstract   PDF (232,01 kB)
Yurii Paliichuk, Lidiia Dotsyuk, Oksana Kyseltsia, Yuriy Moseychuk, Oleh Martyniv, Olena Yarmak, Yaroslav Galan
Vol 14, No 1 The knowledge, continuing education and use of teaching styles in Physical Education teachers Abstract   PDF (589,39 kB)
María Fernández-Rivas, María Espada-Mateos
Vol 12, No 3 The managerial capacity of physical education teachers - principals: The case of Greece Abstract   PDF (246,46 kB)
Athanasios Αlatzoglou, Ioannis Athanailidis, Athanasios Laios, Vassiliki Derri
Vol 14, No 1 The middle blocker in volleyball: A systematic review Abstract   PDF (419,74 kB)
Antonio Millán-Sánchez, Juan Carlos Morante Rábago, Aurelio Ureña Espa
Vol 2, No 1 The motor disabled children: A study about infant drawings as an evaluation method within the physical education area Abstract   PDF (55,81 kB)
José Antonio Pérez Turpin, Concepción Suárez Llorca
Vol 6, No 1 The necessity of considering the challenges facing Olympic Movement Abstract   PDF (260,33 KB)
Sardar Mohammadi, Ahmadi Dehrashid Keyvan
Vol 12, No 3 The perception of effort is not a valid tool for establishing the strength-training zone Abstract   PDF (1,41 MB)
Estela Altoé Lemos, Leonardo Carvalho Caldas, Ana Paula Lima Leopoldo, André Soares Leopoldo, Lucas Guimarães Ferreira, Wellington Lunz
Vol 12, No 3 The podalic proprioception channel to increase motor skills in blind children: Operational applications Abstract   PDF (254,05 kB)
Rosa Sgambelluri, Massimo Pistoni
Vol 14, No 1 The power law model applied to the marathon world record Abstract   PDF (298,33 kB)
Andrés Bernardo Fernández-Revelles, Eduardo García Mármol
Vol 11, No 2 The practice of physical activity related to self-esteem and academical performance in students of basic education Abstract   PDF ( 443,68 kB)
Marco Batista, Delgado Sixto Cubo, Samuel Honório, Júlio Martins
Vol 14, No 1 The purpose and the motivation for future practice of physical activity and related factors in Japanese university students Abstract   PDF (297,15 kB)
Chiemi Miyawaki, Kumiko Ohara, Tomoki Mase, Katsuyasu Kouda, Tomoko Fujitani, Katsumasa Momoi, Hiratoshi Kaneda, Rumiko Murayama, Yoshimitsu Okita, Harunobu Nakamura
Vol 4, No 1 The Rarámuri Race as a metaphor of cultural resistance Abstract   PDF (87,49 kB)
Ángel Acuña Delgado, Guillermo Acuña Gómez
Vol 4, No 3 The relation between angular displacement of the hammer in the double support phase and its velocity in the hammer Abstract   PDF (164,71 KB)
Francisco Javier Rojas-Ruiz, Marcos Gutiérrez-Dávila
Vol 12, No 3 The relationship between action inhibition and athletic performance in elite badminton players and non-athletes Abstract   PDF (466,03 kB)
Kun-Fu Liao, Fan-Wu Meng, Yi-Liang Chen
Vol 12, No 3 The relationship between emotional intelligence, self-determined motivation and performance in canoeists Abstract   PDF (280,38 kB)
Silvia Arribas-Galarraga, Ekaitz Saies, José Antonio Cecchini, Josean Arruza, Izaskun Luis-De Cos
Accepted Papers in Press The relationship between hourly energy balance and fat mass in female collegiate soccer players Abstract   PDF (352,21 kB)
Christian E. Behrens, Ashley Delk-Licata, Dan Benardot, Brenda M. Bertrand, Paula C. Chandler-Laney, Eric P. Plaisance, José R. Fernández
Accepted Papers in Press The relationship between isokinetic knee flexion and extension muscle strength, jump performance, dynamic balance and injury risk in female volleyball players Abstract   PDF (266,62 kB)
Çağlar Soylu, Emre Altundağ, Cengiz Akarçeşme, Necmiye Ün Yıldırım
Vol 7, No 3 The relationship between out-of-school sport participation and positive youth development. Abstract   PDF (357,28 KB)
Federico Carreres-Ponsoda, Amparo Escartí, Juan M. Cortell-Tormo, Vicent Fuster-Lloret, Eliseo Andreu-Cabrera
Vol 4, No 3 The relationship between pain and physical activity in older adults that begin a program of physical activity Abstract   PDF (229,63 KB)
Félix Zurita-Ortega, Rubén Fernández-García, Mar Cepero, María Luisa Zagalaz-Sánchez, Matías Valverde-Cepeda, Patricia Ramírez-Domínguez
Vol 12, No 2 The relationship between psychological compatibility and academic achievement in swimming Abstract   PDF (282,42 kB)
Mohammad Fayez Al Dababseh, Khitam Mousa Ay, Mohammad Hassan Abu Altaieb, Walid Yousef Hammouri, Fayez S. Abu Areeda
Vol 9, No 1 The relationship between speed factors and agility in sport games Abstract   PDF (1,67 MB)
Pavol Horička, Ján Hianik, Jaromír Šimonek
Vol 11, No 4 The relationship between stadium factors on spectators’ satisfaction in Greek Soccer Super League Abstract   PDF (190,34 kB)
Panagiotis Ioannis Ioannou, Panteleimon Ioannis Bakirtzoglou
Vol 3, No 2 The relationship of couples in competitive dancing Abstract   PDF (236,54 kB)
Kinga Majoross, Pál Hamar, Imre Dózsa, Henriette Dancs
Vol 13, No 3 The relative importance of selected physical fitness parameters in Olympic clay target shooting Abstract   PDF (295,61 kB)
Zvonko Peljha, Marcos Michaelides, Dave Collins
Vol 4, No 3 The relative importance of strength and power qualities to vertical jump height of elite beach volleyball players during the counter-movement and squat jump Abstract   PDF (265,22 KB)
Michael Peter Riggs, Jeremy M. Sheppard
Vol 10, No 3 The role of a check-mark in step length adjustment in long jump Abstract   PDF (181,95 KB)
Hubert Makaruk, Marcin Starzak, José Luis López
Vol 14, No 2 The role of mindfulness in performance and mental health among Japanese athletes: An examination of the relationship between alexithymic tendencies, burnout, and performance Abstract   PDF (396,03 kB)
Rei Amemiya, Yosuke Sakairi
Accepted Papers in Press The role of physical education in the achievement of international recommendations: A study based on pedagogical models Abstract   PDF (256,7 kB)
Eva Guijarro, Irene Rocamora, Sixto González-Víllora, Natalia María Arias-Palencia
Vol 7, No 1 The role of professional experience on the dimension of reflexivity in teaching: A case study of two secondary school Health and Physical Education teachers Abstract   PDF (177,26 KB)
Georges Kpazai, Kossivi Attiklemé
Vol 12, No 2 The role of “non-traditional” physical activities in improving balance in older adults: A review Abstract   PDF (265,09 kB)
Cheryl Louise Blewitt, Nachiappan Chockalingam
Accepted Papers in Press The rotation strategy in high-level European soccer teams Abstract   PDF (224,65 kB)
Evangelos Bekris, Eleftherios Mylonis, Ioannis Ispirlidis, Athanasios Katis, Natalia Kompodieta, Athanasios Tegousis
Vol 11, No 2 The running economy difference between running barefoot and running shod Abstract   PDF (287,87 kB)
Tomas Kalina, Jan Cacek, Linda Kmetova
Vol 13, No 4 The structural and human resources support for Brazilian Paralympic athletes Abstract   PDF (188,07 kB)
Vinícius Denardin Cardoso, Marcelo De Castro Haiachi, Alberto Reinaldo Reppold Filho, Adroaldo Cezar Araújo Gaya
Vol 9, No 1 The technical quality of the service provided by adventure companies in Spain, Italy and Costa Rica Abstract   PDF (1,58 MB)
Lázaro Mediavilla Saldaña, Vicente Felipe Gómez Encinas, Alfonso Sánchez Burón
Vol 14, No 4 The use of dietary supplements among soccer referees: How much do they know? Abstract   PDF (444,62 kB)
Marco Malaguti, Michele Scarpino, Cristina Angeloni, Silvana Hrelia
Vol 12, No 1 The validity and reliability of a 5-hz gps device for quantifying athletes’ sprints and movement demands specific to team sports Abstract   PDF (305,46 kB)
Alejandro Muñoz López, Paulino Granero Gil, Jose Pino Ortega, Moises De Hoyo
Vol 7, No 2: Supplement The value of didactic-pedagogical skills of canoe-polo technical Abstract   PDF (203,81 KB)
Rodolfo Vastola, Rosa Sgambelluri, Stefano Di Tore, Antonio Buglione, Raffaele Prosperi, Gilda Cecoro, Nadia Carlomagno, Maurizio Sibilio
Accepted Papers in Press The wearable devices application for evaluation of 110 meter high hurdle race Abstract   PDF (435,63 kB)
Chin-Shan Ho, Chi-Yao Chang, Kuo-Chuan Lin
Vol 12, No 4 Throwing velocity in water polo elite competition: Analysis of associated variables Abstract   PDF (281,3 kB)
Laura García-Cervantes, Encarnación Ruiz-Lara, Francisco Manuel Argudo Iturriaga, Pablo José Borges-Hernández
Vol 8, No 3 Throwing velocity predictors in elite team handball players Abstract   PDF (114,04 KB)
Ana Alves, Mario C. Marques
Vol 6, No 2: Supplement Thyroid hormones response in simulated laboratory sprint duathlon Abstract   PDF (192,33 KB)
José Ramón Alvero-Cruz, Mauro Ronconi, Margarita Carrillo de Albornoz, Jerónimo C. García Romero, Daniel Rosado Velázquez, Mario de Diego Acosta
Accepted Papers in Press Time course changes in hand grip strength performance and hand position sense in climbing Abstract   PDF (314,78 kB)
Ourania Matsouka, Semina Nani, Katerina Papadimitriou, Konstantinos Astrapellos, Anastasia Beneka, Paraskevi Malliou
Vol 6, No 3 Time-Motion analysis in Muay-Thai and Kick-Boxing amateur matches Abstract   PDF (243,31 KB)
Jeronimo Jaspe Rodrigues Silva, Fabricio Boscolo Del Vecchio, Luan Merseburger Picanço, Monica Yuri Takito, Emerson Franchini
Vol 8, No 2 Time-motion analysis in women’s team handball: Importance of aerobic performance Abstract   PDF (994,47 KB)
Carmen Manchado, Janez Pers, Fernando Navarro, Ahreum Han, Eunsook Sung, Petra Platen
Vol 4, No 3 Traditional children’s games in the Mediterranean: Analogies Abstract   PDF (120,19 KB)
Eliseo Andreu Cabrera
Vol 13, No 2 Traditional vs daily undulling periodization in strength and local muscle endurance gains on trained men Abstract   PDF (335,83 kB)
Bernardo M. Rodrigues, Gilmar Senna, Roberto Simão, Estevão Scudese, Marzo Edir Da Silva-Grigoletto, Antonio Paoli, Giuseppe Messina, Gianluca Bianco, Antonino Bianco, Estélio H. M. Dantas
Vol 8, No 2 Trainee teachers' habits of healthy physical activity Abstract   PDF (184,96 KB)
Margarita Pino-Juste, Águeda Gutiérrez-Sánchez, Mirian Alvariñas
Vol 12, No 3 Training habits, motivation, quality of life and sport injuries in 12 to 15 years old basketball players Abstract   PDF (810,03 kB)
Federico Sánchez-Jover, Antonia Gómez
Vol 6, No 2: Supplement Training load quantification in triathlon Abstract   PDF (714,64 KB)
Roberto Cejuela, Jonathan Esteve-Lanao
Vol 5, No 2 Training to the muscular failure in the healthy neuromuscular programs Abstract   PDF (322,42 KB)
Iván Chulvi Medrano
Vol 14, No 3 Training volume and previous injury as associated factors for running-related injuries by race distance: A cross-sectional study Abstract   PDF (321,21 kB)
Manuela Besomi, Jaime Leppe, Manuel Vicente Mauri-Stecca, Troy L. Hooper, Phillip S. Sizer
Accepted Papers in Press Trampoline performance under changing visual conditions Abstract   PDF (269,75 kB)
Thomas Heinen, Frederike Veit
Vol 14, No 1 Transition to attack in elite soccer Abstract   PDF (487,68 kB)
Mike Hughes, Trevor Lovell
Vol 6, No 2: Supplement Triathlon: Swimming for winning Abstract   PDF (274,75 KB)
Jan Olbrecht
Vol 4, No 1 Typologies of occupation of leisure-time of Spanish adolescents: The case of the participants in physical activities organized Abstract   PDF (121,26 kB)
Alberto Nuviala Nuviala, Diego Munguía Izquierdo, Antonio Fernández Martínez, Francisco Ruiz Juan, María Elena García Montes
Vol 8, No 3 Urban-rural contrasts in motor fitness components of youngster footballers in West Bengal, India Abstract   PDF (164,57 KB)
Paulomi Das, Pinaki Chatterjee
Accepted Papers in Press Using a kayak paddle power-meter in the sport of whitewater slalom Abstract   PDF (859,61 kB)
Paul William Macdermid, Callum Gilbert, Jimmy Jayes
Vol 12, No 2 Validation of a force platform clinical for the assessment of vertical jump height Abstract   PDF (1,05 MB)
Arián Ramón Aladro Gonzalvo, Danilo Esparza Yánez, José Miguel Tricás Moreno, María Orosia Lucha López
Accepted Papers in Press Validity and reliability evaluation of the multidimensional Japanese athletic identity measurement scale Abstract   PDF (243,56 kB)
Goichi Hagiwara
Vol 10, No 3 Validity and reliability of an incremental double poling protocol in cross-country skiers Abstract   PDF (817,97 KB)
Andrew Govus, Finn Marsland, David Martin, Dale Chapman
Vol 10, No 2 Validity of bodily-rhythmic coordination field test for obese people Abstract   PDF (153,82 KB)
Cristina Monleón, Ana Pablos, Filomena Carnide, Marta Martin, Antonio P. Veloso, Carlos Pablos
Vol 7, No 1 Validity, reliability and exploratory factor analysis of the dropout scale in sport centres Abstract   PDF (308,96 KB)
Alberto Nuviala, María Rosario Teva-Villen, Alberto Grao-Cruces, Raquel Pérez-Ordás, Jerónimo García-Fernández, Román Nuviala
Accepted Papers in Press Values-based education: The development of a questionnaire Abstract   PDF (265,66 kB)
Eridiola Buzi, Juel Jarani, Mehmet Türegün, Angelo Macaro, Emanuele Isidori
Vol 13, No 3 Velocity at maximal oxygen uptake best predicts 3 km race time in collegiate distance runners Abstract   PDF (296,58 kB)
William P. McCormack, Todd C. Shoepe, Hawley C. Almstedt, Caitlin A. Jennings, Lance M. Capel
Vol 14, No 3 Verbal interaction amongst students during physical education Abstract   PDF (246,73 kB)
Rayco Montesdeoca Hernández, Rosa María Marchena Gómez, Covadonga Mateos Padorno
Accepted Papers in Press Virtual reality in sports coaching, skill acquisition and application to surfing: A review Abstract   PDF (269,98 kB)
Oliver R.L. Farley, Kirsten Spencer, Livvie Baudinet
Vol 11, No 2 Visualisation and goal-setting in footballers Abstract   PDF ( 233,17 kB)
Gloria González Campos, Pedro Valdivia-Moral, Javier Cachón Zagalaz, Félix Zurita Ortega
Vol 6, No 4 Volleyball coaches behavior assessment through systematic observation Abstract   PDF (216,67 KB)
Eleni Zetou, Evangelia Amprasi, Maria Michalopoulou, Nikolaos Aggelousis
Vol 10, No 1 Water polo throwing speed and body composition: An analysis by playing positions and opposition level Abstract   PDF (342,64 KB)
Carmen Ferragut Fiol, Jose Arturo Abraldes, Carmen Manchado, Helena Vila
Vol 10, No 1 Way of scoring by Spanish First Division volleyball teams in relation to winning/losing, home/away, final classification, and type of confrontation Abstract   PDF (188,96 KB)
José Manuel Palao, Policarpo Manzanares, David Valadés
Vol 14, No 3 Weight status, physical activity and self-concept in primary school children Abstract   PDF (258,98 kB)
Andres Rosa Guillamón, Eliseo García Cantó, Pedro Jose Carrillo López
Vol 4, No 2 Were differences in tactical efficacy between the winners and losers teams and the final classification in the 2003 water polo World Championship? Abstract   PDF (230,19 kB)
Francisco M. Argudo, Encarnación Ruiz, José I. Alonso
Vol 7, No 3 What do Greek physical education teachers know about elementary student assessment? Abstract   PDF (424,73 KB)
Vassiliki Derri, Andreas Avgerinos, Kyriaki Emmanouilidou, Efthimis Kioumourtzoglou
Vol 13, No 4 What does the vibration therapy add? A quasi-experimental, pilot study on the short term effects of whole-body vibration as mode of exercise for nursing home residents aged 80+ Abstract   PDF (881,96 kB)
Francisco Álvarez Barbosa, Rosa Maria Alfonso Rosa, Jesús del Pozo Cruz
Vol 12, No 3 What makes the difference? Analysis of the 2014 World Cup Abstract   PDF (499,49 kB)
Michel Dufour, John Phillips, Viviane Ernwein
Vol 9, No 1 What motives induce to choose Physical Education as an optative subject at Post-Compulsory Secondary Education 2nd grade? Abstract   PDF (477,93 KB)
Alberto Gómez Mármol
Vol 8, No 4 Wheelchair half-marathon and marathon performance: The ‘Oita International Wheelchair Marathon’ 1983-2011 Abstract   PDF (312,05 KB)
Beat Knechtle, Romuald Lepers
Vol 5, No 2 Whole body vibration: Acute and residual effect on the explosive strength Abstract   PDF (269,96 KB)
Moisés de Hoyo Lora, Santiago Romero Granados, Borja Sañudo Corrales, Luis Carrasco Páez
Vol 4, No 1 Windsurfing and kiteboarding World Cup 2008: Fuerteventura (Spain) Details   PDF (109,12 kB)
José Antonio Pérez Turpin
Vol 8, No 4 Winning or not winning: The influence on coach-athlete relationships and goal achievement Abstract   PDF (301,86 KB)
Rui Trocado Mata, Antonio Rui da Silva Gomes
Vol 14, No 3 Women athletes in the Olympic Games Abstract   PDF (629,54 kB)
Rita Amaral Nunes
Vol 7, No 2: Supplement Women sport injuries: A retrospective study of elite windsurfers Abstract   PDF (230,98 KB)
Alfonso Penichet Tomás, Diego Alonso-Fernández, Agueda Gutierrez-Sanchez, Eliseo Andreu-Cabrera, Concepción Suárez-Llorca
Vol 5, No 3 Yanomami football in the high Ocamo (Amazons State, Venezuela): The Mabetiteri case Abstract   PDF (737,69 KB)
Ángel Acuña Delgado, Guillermo Acuña Gómez
Accepted Papers in Press Youth athletes' developmental outcomes by age, gender, and type of sport Abstract   PDF (448,4 kB)
Koray Kilic, Mustafa Levent Ince
Vol 6, No 1 “Anaerobic” critical velocity and swimming performance in young swimmers Abstract   PDF (212,6 KB)
Daniel Almeida Marinho, Rui A. Amorim, Aldo M. Costa, Mário C. Marques, José A. Pérez-Turpin, Henrique P. Neiva
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