Application of the discussion groups and initial phases of the qfd methodology to the study of valencian ball trinquetes


  • Ana M. Montaner Physical Education Teacher at Secondary School, Regional Ministry of Education, Spain
  • Carlos Montaner Physical Education Teacher at Secondary School, Regional Ministry of Education, Spain
  • Pedro Pérez-Soriano University of Valencia, Spain
  • Vicente Carrasco-Embuena University of Alicante, Spain
  • Salvador Llana-Belloch University of Valencia, Spain



Opinion study, Facilities, Standard rule


The purpose of this research is to show an opinion study about the specifications that the valencian ball trinquetes should have according to the players' opinion. The valencian ball game is a native sport with a great cultural tradition in the Valencian Community and it has been practised in the trinquetes since the XIV century. Despite its history, these facilities do not have the normative requirements for suitable sport development. The information provided by the users of the trinquetes is the first necessary step to improving the trinquetes facilities. Two methodologies based on the User Oriented Designed were applied in this study: discussion groups and initial phases of QFD - Quality Function Deployment. The opinions gathered have demonstrated the necessity for promoting actions to modify reform and modernize these kinds of facilities, in order to improve the practice of valencian ball.


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Montaner, A. M., Montaner, C., Pérez-Soriano, P., Carrasco-Embuena, V., & Llana-Belloch, S. (2011). Application of the discussion groups and initial phases of the qfd methodology to the study of valencian ball trinquetes. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 6(4), 629–638.




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