Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

Eating behaviors and physical activity in albanians 9-11 years ald children

Robert Çitozi, Genti Pano



As most research about preferences has ignored cognitive development, this study was designed to explore the relation between children's perceptions and preferences for fruit and vegetables and their physical activity.  We have used (Baranowski T, Davis M, Resnicow K, Baranowski J, Doyle C, Smith M, Lin L, Wang DT ., 2000) questionnaire. 210 children (100-boys and 110-girls) 9-11 years old recruited via a primary school from Tirana, have fulfilled the questionnaire. This questionnaire has proved to be very interesting for the children who are expected to be very satisfied with its successful completion. Analysis of data collected made us a clearer picture on the extent of informing children about the role of fruit and vegetables in their health and on their conception of the physical activity. It is not always possible to control genetic and environmental factors, but at least by making conscious nutritional habits beginning from childhood, we can make a strong effect on our health, happiness and the quality, length and productivity of our life.  Participation in the school meal programs should be the strongest positive relationship with fruit and vegetable consumption and meeting the 5 a Day recommendation. Expand the promotion of 60 daily minutes of a combination of moderate and vigorous physical activity among children.




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