Function of motor system at students of Sports Management university studies


  • Petr Hrusa
  • Dagmar Hrusova



muscular-skeletal system, sports, optimal function, changes in function


The research focused on motor system function of students of bachelor’s studies of sports management, a young field of study which is characterised by a dynamic development.  The course made demands both on theoretical knowledge and practical skills and the students get through modules of bio-medical, kinanthropological and economic-managerial disciplines concerning theory, and fitness-wellness, outdoor and games modules concerning practice. We work on an analysis of sports management study curriculum and consequent requirements in accord with recent research in the field of changes in function of motor system. The aim of the study is to examine the function of motor system. It was assumed that students of sports management studies have an optimal function of their motor system. The problem was solved by an empirical research approach both with qualitative data analysis; a sample comprising 30 subjects – sports management students (10 women, 20 men) – was examined. As indicators of the function we followed muscle function (local and global stabilizers), flexibility, and posture. Somatoscopic and somatometric diagnostic tools based on methods of measurement and observation; techniques of ordinal scale, check-list and alternative score were employed. The data were analysed by qualitative analysis based on a consensus of expert opinions. A comprehensive diagnostic was completed of the functional level of motor system (11 tests of local stabilizing muscle function, 5 tests of global stabilizing muscle function, 9 tests of flexibility and 2 indicators of posture). It was verified that the function is optimal at the sports management students. Optimal function is related to effective muscle involvement and adequate stabilization during motion. Such motor-functional preparedness is beneficial for sports management students to cope with their study load.


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Hrusa, P., & Hrusova, D. (2014). Function of motor system at students of Sports Management university studies. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 9(1proc), S236-S244.

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