Sport skills and mental health


  • Gaetano Raiola University of Parthenope, Napoli, Italy



VADO, FPS, POMS, tests Rockfort, measurement bmi


From a study previously published on the occasion of the scientific meeting of the International Conference on Sports Science and Disability held in Naples at the University Naval February 15, 2014, be clear that "It is appropriate to the study of a process for the effective implementation of these activities and connected to an objective evaluation tool. " This work illustrates a practice used for a pilot project currently underway. Analysis of the practices used. Administering tests validated (FPS, POMS, tests Rockfort, measurement bmi) to an experimental group and a control group. They were also used additional assessment instruments calibrated for the specific use. Graphical representation of the data obtained The analysis of currently available data is positive, this data will be compared with the final data to get a picture more complete. In Conclusions the data collected if confirmed by the end of the pilot project to encourage the creation of an experimental project in which they are involved more patients and more facilities in order to evaluate the results.


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Raiola, G. (2021). Sport skills and mental health. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 10(1proc), S369-S376.

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