Study of human muscle aging through fiber mechanical, molecular myofibrillar and proteomics analysis


  • Alessandra Nart University of Padua, Italy
  • Stefano Scarpa University "Giustino Fortunato of Benevento", Italy



Muscle aging, Fiber mechanical, Molecular myofibrillar, Proteomics


Aging significantly influences the proteomic structure of the cell as well as the nervous component. The innovative aim of this study is to analyse the modifications of muscle tissue in aging both through a qualitative, quantitative and proteomics approaches of the whole muscle and of the single fiber compared between young and old were studied. A sample of muscle tissue from the vastus lateral was taken with an open technique by 16 volunteers, 8 young donors and 8 elderly. In the aging process there is a negative modification of all the components of the contractile system and of the systems connected to the translation of the force and to the stabilization of myofibers.


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