Autumn Conferences of Sports Science. Costa Blanca Sports Science Events


  • Costa Blanca Sports Science Events Autumn Event University of Alicante, Spain



Sport, Olimpism, Performance, Physical education, Sport medicine, Nutrition, Health, Biomechanics, Children and exercise


Autumn Conferences of Sports Science. Costa Blanca Sports Science Events. 2-3 November 2018. Alicante, Spain.

  1. Effects of swimming and water walking on body composition and spirometric values in young children.
  2. Physical and sport education between Italian academic system and European Research Council structure panel.
  3. An innovative Educational-Sport strategy to aim to inclusion: Biodanza SRT.
  4. The importance of sport activities to stimulate an educational management of students with SLD.
  5. Athlete’s motivations from different regions of Portugal for the practice of athletics as a federated sport.
  6. The training of physical education teacher in primary school.
  7. Powerglove: Genesis of a wearable technology aimed at studying volleyball service.
  8. A brief review on physiological commitment in basketball: An interpretative key.
  9. Characteristics of strength in subjects with cardiovascular disease.
  10. Study of human muscle aging through fiber mechanical, molecular myofibrillar and proteomics analysis.
  11. Practice motivation and life satisfaction of athletes of team sports: Comparative study between adapted and regular sport.
  12. Attention in physical education classes: Differences between different individual modalities.
  13. Recreational physical activity participation among women in Saudi Arabia.
  14. Correlation between vestibular and spatial system in vertical dance performance.
  15. Postural evaluation in young skaters: Effect of two proprioceptive training.
  16. Balance and posture: Effects of a proprioceptive training on a group of sedentary subjects.



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