Proceedings of the International Seminar of Physical Education, Leisure and Health


  • International Seminar Physical Education, Leisure and Health Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, Portugal



Sport, Olimpism, Performance, Physical education, Sport medicine, Nutrition, Health, Biomechanics, Children and exercise



Muscle soreness and fatigue and their associations with internal and external load measures in professional soccer players. 1181

Internal and external training load associations in professional soccer players. 1185

Comparison of motivational factors for the practice of exercise at gyms and nature and adventure sports  1189

Association of physical activity, self-concept and self-efficacy in high school students. 1193

Effect of the Internet and online social media on awareness of ACSM physical activity recommendations  1197

Physical activity level and perceptions about exercise in patients with Osteoporosis. 1201

Parental perceptions of physical activity benefits for children with autism spectrum disorders. 1205

Relationship of intrinsic motivation towards sport, with variables related to a healthy lifestyle. 1209

Differences between gender and population groups, motivational variables and healthy lifestyles. 1213

Short-term effects of myofascial release on isometric knee extensors strength. 1217

Iron, phosphorus and magnesium erythrocyte concentrations in men with a high, moderate or low level of physical training. 1221

Possible relationship between some trace metals and the hormone insulin in high-level athletes. 1225

Erythrocyte concentrations of chromium, manganese and zinc in men with a high, moderate or low level of physical training. 1228

Arsenic, cadmium and lead erythrocyte concentrations in men with a high, moderate or low level of physical training. 1231

Cyberbullying in school: A literature review.. 1235

The effects of a mind-body program on the cognomotor performance of high school children. 1239

Ethical issues on military physical conditioning. 1242

Relationships between psychological skills and European U19 rugby union tournament outcomes and performance indicators. 1246

Physical performance tests and anthropometric data to predict selection in U19 rugby union players. 1250

Physical exercise in higher education: Knowledge, attitudes and practices. 1254

Nutritional knowledge and eating attitudes and habits in higher education. 1258

Comparisons of external load variables between small-sided and real format games: An 8-week study in professional soccer training context 1262

Volleyball selection process: How do coaches select?. 1266

The importance of attitudes and values in sport and competition: The opinion of a group of coaches of Volleyball 1270

Short-term effects of myofascial release on isometric knee extensors strength. 1273

Digital media in professional basketball: The case of supporters of the Hamburg Towers. 1277

Planning and assessment by teachers of physical education classes in elementary school 1280

Pedagogical model for teaching combat sports in physical education class: Presentation of partial results  1283

Intra-week variations and associations between internal and external load measures in a elite volleyball team   1286

Frequency of sports participation, body image satisfaction and psychological well-being: Gender differences among vocational students. 1290

Analysis of physical-sport motivations in adolescents according to gender, age and BMI 1294

Olympism: Level of knowledge between different University Degrees in the Faculty of Education. Differences by gender and University Degree. 1298

Academic routine impact on physical activity level of university students: A longitudinal study. 1302

Cooperative games vs competitive games in Primary School Education: What effects do they have on schoolchildren motivation?. 1305

Physical activity index for Galician schoolchildren of primary school education according to age and gender 1308

Fitness professionals: Narrative review.. 1311

Competence towards Physical Education inclusion: Self-perception of Galician future teachers of Primary School Education. 1315

Principal complaints and reference to spine pain in young tennis players during a tournament: Data from massage therapy care. 1319

Terminal actions at Brazilian’s Volleyball League. 1322

Effects of a training program in post-menopausal women. 1326

“Destroying stereotypes, building on equality”: Didactic intervention with Master in Teaching of Physical Education students. 1330

Perception of primary school children about the playful and sport practice. 1334

Socio-demographic characteristics of nursing students and the prevalence of physical activity. 1338

Inequalities in female combat sports. 1342

Evaluation of coordinated motor ability in handball players. 1346

How assessment the flexibility in handball players? Results of a systematic review.. 1349

Evaluation of urinary protein and creatinine concentration in athletes after high-performance physical exercise  1353

Lipid profile and associated factors among an academic community of Higher Education. 1356

Sociological analysis of three dual combat practices in Portugal: The case study of aikido, judo and wrestling  1360

Comparison of propulsive forces between two head-out water exercises. 1364

Experiences of bullying in education and school paths. 1368

Insights on a sucessfull research-to-practice partnership with Matosinhos city hall: The case of surfing in schools  1372

Levels of insufficient health-related physical activity in Portuguese adolescents. 1375

Gender differences in psychosocial benefits of physical activity and sports participation in youth. 1379

Watching overweight: Monitoring in child health consultations. 1383

An aesthetic reflection in school sports: Notes on the participation of the sportive delegation of Campus Santo Ângelo in the student games of IF Farroupilha (JEIF) 1387

Self-perception of life quality and the practice of physical activity in elderly. 1391

Anthropometric, somatotype and physical profile of young female roller skaters. 1395

Functional physical fitness in elderly: Differences depending on the practice of physical activity. 1399

Physical activity levels in adults with intellectual disabilities: The importance of physical education. 1403

A comparison of physical fitness by competitive levels in youth basketball players. 1407

Present and future of the soccer specialists perfomance. 1411

Evaluation of physical activity status and cognitive function among breast cancer patients: A cross-sectional study  1415

Physical conditioning of U16 national team players: Mediator effect of previous sport experiences and strength and conditioning practices. 1419

Evaluation of the efficacy of a sensorimotor program in the development of children in swimming lessons  1423

Relationship between physical education, school satisfaction, psychological well-being and academic achievement in vocational students. 1427

Water aerobics: The use of wearables. 1430

Influence of the full squat on short sprint performance in young adults. 1433

Effect of previous ankle sprain in stride variables during basketball-specific drill: Insights about maturity offset 1437

Is low volume HIIT enough to induce changes in oxygen uptake kinetics?. 1441

Warm-up kinematics influence in 30m sprint performance. 1445

Bioelectrical impedance vector displacement and phase angle: Progonostic tools for swimmers?. 1449

Jumping in the Brazilian Women's Volleyball “B” Super-league. 1453

Smartphone fitness applications used by runners: For what reason?. 1457

The educative role of judo for children in first-cycle primary school: Parents' opinion based on focus group  1461

The development of emotional self-emotion in volleyball project "AVP SOCIAL": Under19 athletes perspective  1465

Self-determined motivation and subjective well-being in Portuguese veteran athletes in different sports  1469

Self-determined motivation and subjective well-being of adapted sport athletes members of Special Olympics  1473

Monitoring workload in women's basketball based on player tracking device. 1477

The athlete’s perception of parents behaviors in sport context: A study in youth handball players of the Madeira Handball Association. 1481

Fair play : The perception of the young handball players on the parent´s behavior 1485

The importance of imagery in acquiring and improving motor skills and sports technique. 1489

Comparing differences in motor proficiency of children with and without Autism spectrum disorders. 1492

Pre-service physical education teachers tasks load vs. tactical game approach tasks load: A case study  1495

Comparative analysis of interlimb asymmetry in a RSA Test in basketball players. 1499

Analysis of the action of penalty and double-penalty in football for blind people. 1503

Loopboard: Device for acrobatics trainning in sliz sports. 1507

Health education in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: A pilot education program.. 1510

Voluntary sports clubs and the participation of young refugees with uncertain perspective of staying: Access barriers and challenges. 1514

In-season internal training load quantification of an under-17 European male soccer team: Starters versus Non-starters. 1518

Pre-season and in-season internal training load quantification of one-week schedules in under-17 European soccer team.. 1522

Bullying among medical students: Integrative literature review.. 1526

Perceived motivational climate and goal orientation in soccer athletes: A longitudinal perspective. 1529

Bullying victimization and family interactions of Brazilian students: A mixed study. 1533

Habitual physical activity patterns of pre-school children from Bragança. 1537

The (In)discipline: Playtherapy as prevention. 1541

Students' opinion on Physical Education and School: An association with academic performance. 1545

The curricular identity of Physical Education: New perspective. 1548

The effect of combining general warm-up with specific warm-up in bench press performance. 1552

The importance of workplace health management in the context of skills shortage in small and medium-sized companies. 1556

Case study of the programs for soccer teaching of two teachers in training versus the Tactical Game Approach model 1559

Social and personal skills in Physical Education: teachers and students' preception about an intervention program   1563

Is VO2 kinetics influenced by swimming intensity in maximal and supramaximal velocities in young female swimmers?. 1566

Training and leadership profile in adapted sport coaches and the implication in athletes with intellectual disabilities  1570

Adapted sports: An experience for initial skills development of sport professionals. 1574

Perceived barriers and physical activity levels in older adults: The role of education. 1578

Supervised vs. non-supervised physical activity: The impact on functional fitness in older adults. 1582

Playfulness in education: A systematic review.. 1586

The 2019 Special Olympics World Games experience: Perspective of athletes who participated. 1590

The importance of sports to the Inclusive Research Group of APPACDM Castelo Branco. 1593

Adapted sports: Curricular traineeship. 1596

The observation: Adapted table tennis. 1600

Changing elderlies strength levels with a four months multicomponent training program.. 1604

Bone mineral density and muscle strenght in elderly: A cross-sectional study. 1608

Effects of a multicomponent exercise program with duration of 12 weeks on the quality of life in breast cancer survivors. 1612

Orienteering sport and environmental education: A theoretical review.. 1620

Evaluation of the quality of life of schoolchildren of the EJA in the Municipality of Itacoatiara, Amazonas  1624

Is performance in basketball referees affected by gender?. 1628

Associations of physical activity with body composition and aerobic capacity in adults with Down syndrome  1632

Differences on body composition and biochemical parameters between practitioners and non-practitioners of soccer 1636

Which factors are related with coaches' perception of young soccer players competence: Physical fitness, motor coordination or specific skill?. 1639

Sports attitudes of young people practicing orienteering: The influence of the additional practice of another sport 1643

The thinking process of Football coaches: The training factors. 1647

Differences of Imagery ability between youth soccer and swimming practitioners. 1651

Comparison of physical fitness between young and middle-aged adults. 1655

Adherence to physical activity guidelines and body composition in elderly people using objective measurements  1659

Correlation between pulmonary function and aerobic capacity in middle-aged adults. 1663

Exploring relative age effect and maturity status on physical performance of school-age children. 1667

Push-ups with hands or feet on unstable surface: Does it affects muscle activation and ground reaction forces?  1670

Correlation between vertical stiffness and agility performance in sport students. 1674

Parental involvement in health promotion programs during pre-school aged children: A systematic review   1678

Motor development in children from 12 to 46 months: Influence of the variable “type of breastfeeding  1682

Physiological responses at maximal aerobic swimming pacing in different distance-trials. 1686

What do students think in physical education?. 1690

Leisure-time physical activity and food consumption among Brazilian university students. 1693

Motor imagery and music: The influence of music on mental rotation of bodily-related pictures. 1696

Study of differences in motor coordination, comparing individuals with eutrophic and overweight, with Intellectual Disability. 1700

Validity and applicability of a web and mobile application to control the physical recovery of athletes. 1704

Motor imagery and music: A function of arousal?. 1707

Effects of a physical exercise program on body composition and functional physical fitness in the elderly  1711

Quality of life of Nursing students: Relationship with the level of Physical Activity. 1715

Motor skills in childhood: From the family perceptions to the practices of the children. 1719

Association between body composition and functional physical fitness in the elderly population. 1723

Correlation between sedentary behavior, physical activity and lung function in the elderly. 1727

Study of the relationship between global motor skills, fine motor skills and age. 1731

Functional exercise vs aquafit for seniors. 1735

Effects of a senior exercise program on functional capacity in institutionalized elderly in the municipality of Mação  1739

Comparison of physical fitness tests and special judo fitness test performance and classificatory tables development for juvenile and cadet male athletes. 1743

Postural stability and handgrip strength in the older adults: Differences between fallers and non-fallers  1747

Fine motor skills: An emergent competence in preschool age. 1751

Physical education in primary school: From perceptions to practices. 1755

Physical fitness level of a population with mild cognitive impairment 1758

The sports practice of karate in Portugal: Sociological analysis of the identities, ideologies, communities and cultures of the Portuguese karateka’s (brown and black belts) 1762

Portuguese play report 2018: Children up to 10 years. 1765

Prevalence of Methicillin - Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus in students of higher education. 1768

Risk factors and arterial hypertension. 1772

The importance of the electrocardiogram in the competitive pre-period. 1776

Excess weight and obesity in a region of the interior of Portugal 1780

Venous insufficiency and sedentary job activity. 1784

Peripheral arterial systolic-diastolic velocities in athletes and non-athletes by Doppler ultrasound. 1788

Pilates for elderly women: An improvement in functional mobility and balance. 1792

Physical activity and subjective well-being in Health Sciences first-year students. 1796

Validation of the Intentionality Scale of being physically active in a Portuguese population. 1800

Motivations for the practice of adventure and nature physical activities on young people. 1804

The Cooperative Games with children: Communitarianism and citizenship. 1808

Assessent of Portuguese wheelchair basketball team motivation and anxiety levels. 1812

Assessment of physical capacities of the Portuguese wheelchair basketball team.. 1816

Sociocultural animation in 1st cycle for educational sucess. 1820

Is running kinematics of university trainned students changed by hipertrophy training? A pilot study. 1824


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