Long life learning on physical activity


  • Mattia Pisano University of Salerno, Italy
  • Ilaria Viscione University of salerno, Italy
  • Francesco Peluso Cassese University Niccolò Cusano of Rome, Italy
  • Gaetano Altavilla University of Split, Croatia




Life expectancy, Laboratory, Wellness


The University for elderly people was born as a cultural and social service and is widely used. They are part of post-secondary training and in some cases the educational offer is of a good standard and satisfaction. The growing demand for well-being linked to physical activity and healthy lifestyles also requires a study on the activities of other training agencies other than universities. The aim of the study is to carry out the most significant qualitative and quantitative data in Italy and abroad on physical activity. The method is the survey investigation of data with the tools of the questionnaires and the interviews. Through the analysis of the organization structure, the courses, the contents and education scope are possible to identify the aggregate and disaggregated data in 4 categories: theoretical courses, physical activities path, laboratories and other activities to carry out the quantity data of physical activities compared to other categories. The education courses are 8207 of which: 4636 are theoretical courses, 1227 physical activities, 2344 laboratories. In addition to the quantity, it carries out the homogeneous localization on the national and international territory and the similar organization and management. It shows a consolidated culture of the phenomenon that should also be of interest to the public Institution, including the Ministry of Education and the individual universities. In conclusion, it is advisable to investigate furtherly to obtain more useful data also in relation to the progressive increase in life expectancy and the social costs of it.


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Pisano, M., Viscione, I., Cassese, F. P., & Altavilla, G. (2019). Long life learning on physical activity. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 14(4proc), S691-S697. https://doi.org/10.14198/jhse.2019.14.Proc4.29

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