The effect of glutamine as a dietary supplement on some of the runner’s biochemical, physical and level of achievement responses


  • Zaydon J. Mohammed Baghdad University, Iraq
  • Hussain M. Sadown Baghdad University, Iraq
  • Mohammed H. Humaidi Baghdad University, Iraq



Glutamine, Biochemical, Physical


The modern programs depend on chemical and physiological indexes received by athlete’s bodies as a result various physical activities. Since the athlete nutrition is taking the priority factor and the use of other types of training techniques to upgrade athlete performance. The use of dietary supplement is one of those techniques beside the good training. The researchers were previously an Iraqi national athletics team players of 400 metre sprinting, so they having a strong idea about the effect of nutrition on the physical activity of the athlete. They selected the Glutamine as an energy producer and to find out the biochemical effects on the body and its achievement. We proposed there will be a statistical significance effects as a result of body absorption to Glutamine, especially for 400 m sprinters. The experimental sampling was Professional category of Maysan 400m sprinters team for the season 2017. Laboratories of Physical Education and Sport Science Faculty of Maysan University, was used to approach the experimental work. The research sample was selected randomly from 400- meter racing’s players of Maysan team. The candidates are from professional category for sport season 2017 and only 10 were selected. Conclusions shows that the nutritional supplement (Glutamine) used, has led to develop the experimental group’s physical endurance. The most of which the researchers recommended is to clarify the importance of nutritional supplement, its types, ways of its implementing to both trainers and workers in the sports areas in a scientific way.


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Mohammed, Z. J., Sadown, H. M., & Humaidi, M. H. (2019). The effect of glutamine as a dietary supplement on some of the runner’s biochemical, physical and level of achievement responses. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 14(5proc), S1884-S1890.