The effect of lactate threshold training on improving the functionality of the lungs


  • Zaydon J. Mohammed Baghdad University, Iraq
  • Hussain M. Sadown Maysan University, Iraq
  • Mohammed H. Humaidi Maysan University, Iraq



Lactate, Training, Lungs


The general and specific preparation process for mid-distance runners, physically and functionally ability is by given enough aerobic and anaerobic energy by various percentage according to the activity requirement. As a result, the longer distance needs a higher aerobic energy and vice versa. For example, 800m sprinting is the most difficult from the point of view of coaching, as the runner needs to improve his energy system and defined the lactate system. This study is to prepare such type of Lactate Threshold Training (LTT) for young runners to achieve 800m activity. The identification of the effect of (LTT) in improving the lungs functionality variables is the runner achievement key factor. Experimental methodology was used to satisfy the requirement of this study as it is the most suitable methodology for this type of studies. 14 Young runners within the age of (16-18) years old from elite teams were selected. The 14 runners divided into two groups in a comprehensive manner based on 7 samples in each monitored and experimental groups. The conclusion is conducted to establish a technical LTT implemented by the experimental group and shows a significant improvement in attaining 800m sprinting. Some of lungs functionality variables were enhanced to the significance level. Those lungs functionalities are; dynamic lung volume, pulmonary function tests and maximum lung tidal volume.


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Mohammed, Z. J., Sadown, H. M., & Humaidi, M. H. (2019). The effect of lactate threshold training on improving the functionality of the lungs. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 14(5proc), S1876-S1883.