Civic patriotism among young sportsman in the South of Russia: Sociological analysis and diagnostics


  • Yuriy G. Volkov Southern Federal University, Russian Federation
  • Elena Yu Kolesnikova Southern Federal University, Russian Federation
  • Yakov A. Aslanov Southern Federal University, Russian Federation
  • Victoriya O. Vagina Southern Federal University, Russian Federation



Young sportsman, Patriotism, Imitation patriotism, State patriotism, Civic patriotism, Civic patriotic consciousness, Civic patriotic practices


Purpose: This article is aimed at revealing the specifics of civil and Patriotic practices in the youth environment of the South Russian region. Methodology: The sociological study used methods of qualitative operational analysis and theoretical interpretation of the obtained empirical data, as well as methods of sociological diagnostics aimed at the conceptual generalization of the results of empirical research by social recognition of the qualitative characteristics of civil patriotism in the youth environment as an integral social phenomenon. Result: In modern Russian society, patriotism is positively perceived by the majority, including young Russians, who associate it with love for the Motherland and a willingness to stand up for it. However, state patriotism in the youth environment lacks citizenship, that is, the desire of young people to actively participate in social Affairs, working for the benefit of society and the social environment. Applications: This research can be used for the universities, teachers and students. Novelty/Originality: The sociological analysis and diagnostics reveal the reasons for the low level of civic patriotism among young people, as well as the factors that hinder its development in regional communities in the South of Russia.


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Volkov, Y. G., Kolesnikova, E. Y., Aslanov, Y. A., & Vagina, V. O. (2021). Civic patriotism among young sportsman in the South of Russia: Sociological analysis and diagnostics. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 16(3proc), S1244-S1252.

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