Video analysis in youth volleyball team


  • Fabio Parisi
  • Gaetano Raiola



video analysis, volleyball, youth team


The aim of the study was to use video analysis in training to improve the performance of young athletes. Participants will be divided in two teams that will play the same “Under-21 championship”, but with a different average age (Team A: average age 14,41±1,66 ; Team B average age 18,94±1,59). Twelve matches (in 4 months) of both teams will be videotaped. Statistical data for each team will be extrapolated from them, and compared among them in order to take in correlations skills data. Only team A, the “young team”, will be given the opportunity to review errors and strong points of each match, so as to prepare for the successive match, according to the errors made in the matches. The videos will be analyzed by “Kinovea” software, while statistics analysed with “SoloStats123”. It is expected that there will be a performance improvement in young team A, around the same average level of “expert” team B. These results will be used as a starting point to analyze the differences between two teams with different average age, in a higher championship quality.


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Parisi, F., & Raiola, G. (2014). Video analysis in youth volleyball team. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 9(1proc), S584-S587.

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