The core curriculum in the university training of the teacher of physical education in Italy


  • Francesca D'Elia University of Salerno, Italy
  • Filomena Mazzeo University “Parthenope” of Naples, Italy
  • Gaetano Raiola University of Salerno, Italy



Physical education, Core curriculum, Teacher, Italy, University


Structural, organizational and normative developments in the school setting in Italy, in the last fifty years, suggest that teachers role should be considered throughout the social, cultural and scientific innovations that lead these changes. Based on this theoretical proposition, the purpose of the present study was to identify some key elements of Physical Education Teacher Training Core Curriculum in Italy. The study takes a documental-based approach to the development of teaching skills and lists action supported by Italian Ministry of Education in the last decades to foster adequate teacher training programs, with particular reference to Physical Education teacher training in the low and high school, since the earlier courses in 18th century till now. The results revealed that teacher training programs in Italy sometimes lacked of adequate methods and significant contents, so it is very important to underline the value of a new approach in teacher training that aim to ensure the acquisition of key competence, according to Recommendation of the European Parliament and to create a cooperation between University and the Italian Olympic Committee. In conclusion, a new approach in teacher training could foster a broad advance in specialization and professional development of physical education teacher, adjusting our educational path to the European best practices.


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D’Elia, F., Mazzeo, F., & Raiola, G. (2018). The core curriculum in the university training of the teacher of physical education in Italy. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 13(2proc), S413-S420.

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