The training of physical education teacher in primary school


  • Francesca D'Elia University of Salerno, Italy



Core curriculum, Specialist teacher, Sport science degree


In 2018 the Italian government has proposed a bill to develop Physical Education PE in Primary school. The focus is the qualifications of Primary teachers throughout PE degree course for teaching qualifications instead the generalist training, as well as it happens in secondary school. Aim is to point out the core curriculum to become a specialist teacher of PE in the Italian primary school. It is a mapping activity providing a comparative data from all 38 Italian degree course in PE. It based on declared learning outcomes of four areas of knowledge: 1. sport and physical activity; 2. biological, biomedical and clinical; 3. psicopedagogical; 4. historical, legal, economic, statistical and sociological. Results shows that the percentage of degree course that curriculum focus on PES is 34%, while the percentage of curricula, focused on biological, biomedical and clinical area is 63%. It seems that, despite University aims to train professional in the field of PE, the degree courses of PE are mainly shaped to build biological, biomedical and clinical skills instead professional skills of PES. The core curriculum should be aim on the strict elements of physical training and sport sciences methodology and should have the same structure plane of subjects on all of 38 universities.


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