Normal people's capacity of adjustment on a wheelchair basket: A preliminary study


  • Stefania Boccia University of Salerno, Italy
  • Manuela Valentini University Carlo Bo of Urbino, Italy
  • Ario Federici University Carlo Bo of Urbino, Italy
  • Gaetano Altavilla University of Split, Croatia



Disabled athletes, Physical adapted activity, Testing


The purpose of this work is to show the execution and the results of a study aimed at identifying and defining the level of the normal people's capacity of adjustment on a wheelchair. This study is based on an hypothesis of a readaptation of a sport's rules of basketball. The new regulation created supposes the contemporary participation of normal people and disabled people and it establishes the use of wheelchairs regardless the physical condition and performance. All of this has been decided to minimize possible physical differences. Consequently, the study was conducted on some young basketball athletes to achieve the intended goal. The chosen athletes are member of an under 15 regional championship. The test administered to them includes some time and precision exercises based on the main fundamentals of basketball, executed on a wheelchair. The test's administration took place in three days to judge the speed of adaptation and learning of using this new tool. The sample group seemed available and open to this first approach with a mobile device used mainly by disabled people, but the results of the study done weren't positive. So, the 30% of the group has provided excellent results and it has been able to perform the test discreetly, improving each time. On the other hand, the remaining 70% observed many problems, worsening their performance in the last drills.


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Boccia, S., Valentini, M., Federici, A., & Altavilla, G. (2019). Normal people’s capacity of adjustment on a wheelchair basket: A preliminary study. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 14(4proc), S646-S653.

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