Cohen’s Kappa index to evaluate the use of multimedia in handball sports learning



Reliability, Cronbach's Alpha, Principles of multimedia


Objective: To determine the Cohen's Kappa Index to evaluate the level of agreement of experts about the use of Multimedia in learning the sport of handball with respect to the teacher's demonstration. Material and methods: Design: Descriptive study. Random sampling of handball coaches and teachers. Instrument: Closed questionnaire, survey technique. Analysis: Cronbach's alpha reliability coefficient and Kappa index. Results: Cronbach's Alpha = 0.911. Conclusions: The high reliability and existence of concordance of the experts obtained through the Cohen's Kappa Index, the level of significance was: .000, therefore, it is corroborated that there is greater effectiveness in the teaching and learning of sport when the multimedia technological resource is used.


Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras


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