Influence of sports practice on academic performance in football players




Sports practice, University sports management, Physical activity practice, Academic performance


The purpose of this research work was to evaluate the influence of sports practice on academic performance in students of the Physical Education career of a Peruvian state university who play soccer in their free time in 2019. The sampling was non-probabilistic and for convenience, being made up of a total of 113 students. The physical activity habits questionnaire with a reliability of 0.70 and the record of grades for the basic mathematics subject were used. The data was processed using SPSS v. 24. Among the results, a significant difference was obtained between sports practice and its dimensions, being higher in the male gender (p <.05). Similarly, a positive and significant correlation was obtained (r = 0.33, p = .000); furthermore, sports practice and its dimensions have a significant impact on academic performance (r2 = 10%, p < .05). These findings make a valuable contribution to answering some key questions about physical activity and its role in academic achievement.


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