"Cognitive PNF" to implement adolescent muscle-tendon flexibility


  • Francesca Siano University of Salerno, Italy
  • Matteo Aquino University of Salerno, Italy
  • Simona Fattore University of Salerno, Italy




Cognitive PNF, Static stretching, Muscle flexibility, National guidelines


The purpose of this research is to evaluate the significance of concept of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation "Cognitive PNF" training in increasing muscle-tendon flexibility over the course of 4 weeks (8 training sessions) in a group of 10 participants aged between 13 and 14 years old, comparing it with another group of 10 participants of the same age, subjected instead to 8 sessions of static stretching. The 20 participants underwent a series of entrance tests, in order to identify the level of flexibility and relative joint mobility of the hip, lumbar spine and shoulder joints: Thomas test, hip extension test, lumbar spine flexion, shoulder range test. Subsequently, through the flexibility index, a lack of flexibility in the participants emerged. The statistical model used for both samples is the T-Test for dependent samples. In the control group, the value of the Stat t (-1.17) falls within the acceptance region which is given by the two-tailed critical t (-2.30; 2.30), therefore, the difference between two averages is not significant. In the experimental group, the value of the Stat t (-5.73) falls outside the acceptance region which is given by the two-tailed critical t (-2.26; 2.26), in other words, in the rejection region rejecting the null hypothesis which states that the difference between the two averages is not significant.


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Siano, F., Aquino, M., & Fattore, S. (2021). "Cognitive PNF" to implement adolescent muscle-tendon flexibility. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 16(4proc), S1723-S1731. https://doi.org/10.14198/jhse.2021.16.Proc4.19

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