Back pain start with physical activity


  • Ilaria Macrì University of Salerno, Italy
  • Alfredo Pio Di Tore University of Foggia, Italy
  • Simona Fattore University of Salerno, Italy



Survey, Movement, Hypokinesia


The Back Pain is the most frequent osteoarticular disorder, representing, after the common cold, the most frequent human disease. Nearly 80% of the population is destined for a certain point of life to an entire low back pain. It affects men and women equally; it occurs more often between 30 and 50 years of age; it involves very high individual and social costs, in terms of diagnostic analyses and treatments, reduction in productivity and capacity to carry out daily activities. Over 95% of the problems have a mechanical cause underlying low back pain. The most common causes are the degenerative processes related to eternity in the intervertebral discs and in the facet joints. The aim is, through a survey with a questionnaire, to highlight the differences between subjects who practice physical activity, non-practicing and subjects who attend a postural back gymnastics course. The results show that the subjects subjected to the test, and who practice physical activity, suffer from back pain rarely (61%), the sedentary suffer from it sometimes (50%) and usually (50%). In conclusion, it was shown that the best form of prevention of back pain is physical exercise. The practice of a sport adapted to age and physical conditions serves to maintain good muscle tone, to safeguard bone structures. The sport practice is also useful to learn the correct movements during everyday life such as knowing how to lift a weight correctly from the ground or assume a correct posture.


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Macrì, I., Di Tore, A. P., & Fattore, S. (2019). Back pain start with physical activity. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 14(4proc), S624-S630.

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