Winter Conferences of Sports Science. Costa Blanca Sports Science Events


  • Costa Blanca Sports Science Events Winter Event University of Alicante, Spain



Sport, Olimpism, Performance, Physical education, Sport medicine, Nutrition, Health, Biomechanics, Children and exercise


Winter Conferences of Sports Science. Costa Blanca Sports Science Events, 25-26 January 2019. Alicante, Spain

  1. Experimental pedagogy: New technologies.
  2. Innovative educational methodologies and corporeity factor.
  3. Biodanza laboratory and experimental pedagogy.
  4. Effectiveness of motivational videos for elite swimmers: Subjective and biological evaluations.
  5. Pilot study on sprint training methods in different types of athletes.
  6. Pilot case study on rhythmic gymnastics and dyslexia.
  7. Psychophysical benefits of recreational five-a-side football.
  8. Principles of adaptation of the rules for disabled athletes for an inclusion sport.
  9. Transition period: Pilot study on performance reduction of ability to jump in volleyball.
  10. Dribbling in football: Confronting learning theories.
  11. Pilot study on the testing of Power Glove applied to volleyball.
  12. Study on the master’s degree in sciences of sports evaluation and sport for disabled at the University of Salerno, Italy.
  13. Physical and motor tests to estimate the improvement of the float serve.
  14. Preliminary work about the basis data for monitoring youth soccer team planning training.
  15. Training and performance in the transition period.
  16. Proposed exercises and its effects on some kinematic variables and achievement for 800 meters jogging activity for men.


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