Description of injuries and associated factors of Colombians athletes with physical and sensory - visual disabilities


  • Javier Eduardo Mosquera Manrique 1. University Institution National Sports School 2. University El Bosque 3. Cali Sports Association, Colombia
  • Moises Arturo Cabrera Hernandez University Institution National Sports School, Colombia
  • Adriana Hernandez Mantilla COLDEPORTES, Colombia
  • Jimena Alexandra Sierra Cabrera Juan N Corpas University Foundation, Colombia
  • Sergio Andrés García-Corzo University Institution National Sports School, Colombia
  • Gustavo Adolfo Castro Vargas University El Bosque, Colombia
  • Luis Javier Tafur Tascón University Institution National Sports School, Colombia
  • Carmen Ximena Tejada Rojas University Institution National Sports School, Colombia



Injuries, Colombia, Disability, Athletes


Purpose: Describe injuries and factors that affect athletes with physical, and sensory-visual disabilities of the Bogotá team. Methods: 165 data from medical records of athletes with disabilities of Paralympic movement members of Bogotá team in the period between 2013 - 2015 (men 81%, women 18%, age 32.3±12.04) were chosen for this study. Results: The prevalence of injuries found in the Bogotá selection was 60% with a proportional incidence of 2.09 injuries / athlete. The most common lesion location was the upper extremities (46%). The most injured anatomical structure was muscle (31%). Athletics are the sport with higher prevalence of injuries. Of the 345 injuries, 90% were presented in the training of the athletes, with the gradual onset of the lesion being greater (56.5%). Main cause of the injuries are due to overuse mechanism (68.4%). Conclusions: Investigations like these, are the basis for very specific prevention programs for Paralympic athletes.


Institución Universitaria Escuela Nacional del Deporte, Universidad El Bosque, Asociación Deportivo Cali, COLDEPORTES, Fundación Univeritaria Juan N Corpas


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