Physical activity and sport: post-COVID19


  • José Antonio Pérez-Turpin University of Alicante, Spain
  • María José Gomis-Gomis University of Alicante, Spain



Physical education, Exercise, Public health, Environment, Sports, Pandemic, Confinement


Dear Editor:

With the horizon of a new normal around the corner, physical activity and sport have proven to be one of the best weapons to combat this period of forced confinement, which has left a new stage of health, physical activity, and sports, where these four signs of identity that are here to stay receive more value than ever:

1.-) Health care through motor skills, as a substantial and obligatory value for the entire society, multiplying the options of all professionals and companies related to health. In this first sign of identity, we would like to point out the turn that the economy must establish towards the construction of an authentic identity of valuation of healthy movement, above old trends that have underestimated the value of physical activity towards health. Today no one has doubts, and this is how many scientific publications refute it, about the incalculable value of motor skills as the backbone of universal public health. In this sense, research on how important physical activity is as a better shield against cancer, or the strengthening of the immune system through regularized physical activity, stands out, adding the different longitudinal studies that prescribe a greater life expectancy from moving.

2.-) Protecting the environment starting on sports practice. One of the great threats of our new world is the degradation of the planet and its link with health problems. In this section, it's essential to have an ecological vision of our new post-COVID19 era. We must have a commitment to this planet that has given us so much and asked so little in return. With this, physical activity and sport abroad will become very important, not only because of its influence on our health but also because of the necessary care for its ecological protection. We will see a boom in motor transport, an increase in sports practices in the environment, and finally use of clean energy-related to physical-sports practice.

3.-) Technological advances in physical activity and sport are here to stay. From whatever perspective we choose as an example, this confinement has shown that the face-to-face way in which we were living, turns out many situations and activities aren't strictly necessary, but that online communication has gained value and will be invaluable in this new society post-COVID19. From total connectivity, in terms of the individual's health and physical performance parameters, or from sports education in a virtual way, we have realized the potential of today's technological advances, which will enable us through artificial intelligence be able to anticipate what can happen. This technological spectrum is the great Pandora's box for the improvement of our population, for a society that was crying out for a change in teaching and sports practice, in physical activity and quality of life and even in sports performance.

4.-) Scientific knowledge as the only way of physical activity and sport. If this humanitarian crisis has demonstrated anything, it's the value of the scientific community as the only true and credible source of our society. For a long time in Spain, many authors have defended the idea that we cannot advance if we don't believe in R + D + I (Research, Development, and Innovation) but now the time has come, where it is essential for physical activity and sports science. With an economic crisis on the horizon and with a need to rebrand ourselves, scientific knowledge is gaining more and more ground, which must be conquered, with advice, studies and reports, and basic and applied research. Sports club, sports company or public entity must be based on scientific knowledge, it's no longer valid just the old way, I have the money, so I buy. Now the rules have changed, we must optimize what we have and continue to provide opportunities for each element that makes up our society.


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Pérez-Turpin, J. A., & Gomis-Gomis, M. J. (2020). Physical activity and sport: post-COVID19. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 15(2), 476–477.



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