Attitudes of pupils at the primary schools towards motion games carried out at physical education classes


  • Štefan Adamčá
  • Pavol Bartík
  • Miroslav Nemec



attitudes of pupils, motion games, sports, physical education


The research study is focused on the analysis of attitudes of pupils at the 2nd stage of primary schools towards teaching motion games at physical education classes considering the intersexual differences. The study sample consisted of 821 respondents, comprising pupils of the 5th to 9th grades from randomly selected primary schools. The main research method used in the research was based on the analysis of a questionnaire. Answers to particular questions provided by the respondents were analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively regarding the intersexual differences and complemented by the calculation of the statistical significance (by means of chi-square). The research was carried out during the school year 2011/2012. According to its results, motor and sports games are still popular with both boys and girls – 68.47% and 75% respectively – who consider motion and sports games their most favourite activities at physical education classes. The difference between boys and girls was statistically significant at the p  0.05 level.  36.94% of girls and 33.71% of boys stated that they play motion games at  physical education classes once a week. According to both boys and girls, motion games are usually played in the main part of the class, as stated by 68.47% of girls and 61.36% of boys. Up to 87.39% of girls and 88.64% of boys hold the opinion that motion games shall be implemented into the course of classes to a greater extent. It was confirmed by the research that motion games have a significant socializing effect. Pupils believe that when playing motion games they make contact with their classmates in a faster way. 63.64% of boys and 54.95% of girls are convinced about this fact. During the research it was ascertained that motion games still represent the key factor in motivating pupils of primary schools to perform physical activities on regular basis as well as increase the popularity of sports and physical education classes.


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Adamčá, Štefan, Bartík, P., & Nemec, M. (2014). Attitudes of pupils at the primary schools towards motion games carried out at physical education classes. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 9(1proc), S223-S231.

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